12 Fully-Vaccinated Los Angeles Residents Infected With Covid-19, Says County Health Official – Deadline

On Wednesday, in response to a query from Deadline, Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer confirmed that at least a dozen local residents had been infected with Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated.

“Yes, it is possible to test positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated,” Ferrer reported. She estimated that the number of post-vaccination infections is likely “very small.”

Ferrer said all of the so-called “breakthrough cases” of infection detected in the county occurred in long-term care facilities. In all, there were 12 fully-vaccinated people who were infected. Four of them were residents of those facilities and and eight were staff.

“I’m sure there are other places [in L.A. County] because I know across the country that there have been more [breakthrough] cases,” said Ferrer before noting the detected cases in long-term care facilities weren’t likely because of any lack of precaution, but rather because the data from those environments is better.

“This is one place where we have really good data in part because of our strong partnership with long term care facilities.”

Ferrer also added, “The vast majority of people who have tested positive after being fully vaccinated are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms.

“Here in L.A. County we don’t know of anybody who has been hospitalized or — unfortunately — passed away.”

But, as for other local breakthrough cases of Covid-19 infection, the data is very incomplete, she said making an overall assessment “a hard question to answer.”

Earlier on Wednesday, 39 breakthrough cases were reported in Sonoma County over the course of the last two and a half months, according to county officials.

It is unclear how the 12 infections occurred in vaccinated residents, but one source may be vaccine-resistant variants. The number of variants are growing in Los Angeles, though it is uncertain which –if any — may be vaccine resistant.

Health officials at the national, state and local levels all observe that, whatever the case, the vaccines still provide a good level of protection.

“There’s nothing there yet that’s a red flag. We obviously are going to keep an eye on that very, very carefully. But I don’t see anything that changes our concept of the vaccine and its efficacy,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci at a recent White House briefing.


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