5 HUGE Coronation Street SPOILERS: Everything you need to know

Coronation Street SPOILERS: An awkward discovery, a tragic death and a tempting love scheme – everything you need to know about this week’s drama on the cobbles

Coronation Street fans are set for another week of drama and excitement, though things could take an awkward turn as Ryan Connor’s online persona is revealed.

The hunk has been sharing racy snaps on an OnlyFans-inspired website, and in upcoming episodes his secret is discovered by his family.

Elsewhere, Dev takes drastic measures in an attempt to end his son Aadi’s affair with Courtney, offering her thousands of pounds to break it off.

And following the death of his friend Shelley, Paul prepares to pay tribute to her at his funeral, but becomes embroiled in a row with her brother instead.

Here’s everything you need to know about next week’s action in Weatherfield…

Ryan’s secret is revealed…

SPOILERS: Ryan Connor is mortified when he finds out his loved ones have discovered his racy online profile

After finishing another livestream, Ryan receives a message telling him that his filter dropped out and his subscriber recognised him from the papers as the guy who suffered the acid attack. 

Ryan’s thrown into panic and tries to deny it, however when Suki from the Gazette approaches and reveals she’s seen some screen grabs from his porn videos, knows that he was the victim of the acid attack and would like to interview him for a story, Ryan’s horrified. 

Unaware, Carla insists he join her for lunch in the Rovers but when Izzy comes across the Gazette article she shows it to Glenda, Sean, Carla, Daisy and Daniel. 

As he returns from the loo, a mortified Ryan realises they’re all talking about him… how will react?

… while Daniel uncovers another 

Revealed: Later, while helping Ryan move into his new flat, he notices his stash of testosterone - will he confront him?

When Lauren clocks Ryan looking at flats to rent she offers him the spare room at her precinct flat, and Carla and Daisy are concerned as he moves out. 

Trying to make amends for his jealous behaviour, Daniel helps Ryan carry his things into the flat. 

But when some lads make jibes at Ryan about his scars, he turns on them in a rage. 

Daniel intervenes, however as he picks up Ryan’s things, he notices the stash of testosterone – will he confront him?

Dev makes a tempting offer

Plotting: Elsewhere, Dev takes drastic measures in an attempt to end his son Aadi's affair with Courtney, offering her thousands of pounds to break it off

Courtney puts pressure on Aadi to find them somewhere to live, and telling her he loves her, the besotted teen promises to get onto it straight away. 

When Bernie reveals that Shelly’s old flat is up for rent, Aadi’s delighted whilst Dev glowers at Bernie.

Later, Aadi and Courtney announce that they’re moving into Shelly’s old flat. Courtney tells Aadi that she’ll sell her rings towards the deposit and with the rest of the cash they can go out and celebrate. 

Courtney drags Aadi to the bistro where a golf club bash is also going on. 

Seeing it as a great opportunity to wind Darren up, Courtney snogs the face off Aadi while talking loudly about their new flat. 

Dev can barely watch as Aadi and Darren square up. Bernie orders calm but as they leave she warns Courtney that she knows her game, it’s obvious she’s using Aadi when she’s still in love with Darren. 

Meanwhile, Darren takes Dev to one side and offers him £5k to split up Courtney and Aadi. 

Dev returns home and, pulling out the £5k, tells Courtney it’s hers if she dumps Aadi. Will she take the bait?

Shelley’s funeral descends into chaos

Clash: following the death of his friend Shelley, Paul prepares to pay tribute to her at his funeral, but becomes embroiled in a row with her brother instead

Billy conducts Shelly’s funeral, but when Paul stands to say a few words, Shelly’s brother objects. 

Paul rails at Kieran for failing to support his sister when she was dying, and he sees red, sparking a huge fight between the pair.

During the tussle, Paul accidentally smacks Billy in the face.

Will the Rovers close for good?

Bombshell: Waterford's Manager break the news that they're closing the Rovers for a refurbishment and their contracts have been terminated... is this the end of the iconic pub?

Stephen tells Jenny that he wants to take her on holiday to Thailand to get away from everything. 

But when the Waterford’s Manager arrives to break the news that they’re closing the Rovers for an extensive refurbishment and their contracts have been terminated with immediate effect Jenny and the staff are thrown into a spin.

Adam insists there’s a case for unfair dismissal but when DS Swain calls to tell Jenny they now have proof that neither Leo nor Teddy visited Canada her mind goes elsewhere. 

Jenny and Stephen move in with Rita but assure Rita that they won’t be under her feet for long as hopefully they’re off to Thailand. 

On the street, Jenny, Glenda, Daisy, Sean and Gemma watch emotionally as the Waterford’s workmen start boarding up the Rovers. 

When Gemma reveals that she’s applied for the deputy manager role with Waterfords, Daisy is fuming, assuming it would go to Jenny. 

Is this the end of the Rovers return? 

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 


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