‘98% of the league’ still thinks the 49ers are taking Mac Jones, former NFL GM says – SFGate

Despite the buzz surrounding the San Francisco 49ers’ presence at Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields’ second pro day Wednesday, the majority of the people around the league still reportedly expect the team to select Alabama quarterback Mac Jones with the No. 3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Athletic’s Michael Lombardi, a former NFL general manager, said during a radio appearance Thursday that nothing seems to have changed regarding the league-wide perception that head coach Kyle Shanahan covets Jones (and here’s your obligatory reminder that there’s evidence to suggest the league-wide perception is off).

“I would say 98% of the league believes the 49ers are taking Mac Jones,” he said. “And for all the talk about Justin Fields having a great workout, there’s people in the league that don’t think it was a great workout. Now maybe those are the people who aren’t drafting a quarterback, I don’t know, but let’s leave Fields out of the conversation for a moment.”

The workout was closed to the media, and only snippets of the throwing session were released by Ohio State’s media team.

Denver radio host and NFL Draft expert Benjamin Allbright took to Twitter to cast doubt on Lombardi’s report, noting that from people he’s talked to, there has been a “LOT of buzz connecting Fields to 3/SF in last 24 hours.”

Allbright further shared a quote from an anonymous division rival who stated, “I’ll believe Mac Jones when I see [Roger] Goodell read the card, and even then I’m checking for CGI…”

It’s worth noting that the conflicting reports are over what people around the league think, and not what people in Santa Clara think. There have not been any credible reports out of Santa Clara beyond Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reporting that Shanahan has not even revealed his quarterback evaluations to his own assistants.


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