A bestselling hammock swing is reduced to $50 in time for summer

‘My FAVORITE seat in the house!’ This chic hammock swing can be used indoors and outdoors for ultimate relaxation – and it’s less than $50 on Amazon

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An outdoor swing chair provides the ideal place to unwind in a relaxing spot and breathe in some fresh air.

This kind of comfort and peace with nature is more affordable than you may expect with the Highwild hammock swing chair reduced to just $49.99 on Amazon.

Highwild Hammock Swing Chair 

Made from a soft polyester-cotton mix with two cozy cushions, this chair hammock is the perfect place to snuggle up in and completely switch off.

It can be hung to tree branches or a patio hammock stand so you can enjoy some fresh air as you swing. But you could also use it indoors in a bedroom or living room as an extra comfortable alternative to a sofa or living room chair.  

$49.99 (save 30%)  Shop

Ideal for patios, gardens or porches, the polyester-cotton mix is soft and cozy to sit on. Two cushions are included to make it extra snug as you sit above the ground and swing in the breeze.

Reinforced to hold weights of up to 500lb and with anti-slip rings, the moment you sink into the Highwild swing chair you can completely switch off without fear that it’s going to drop or become unsteady.

Multi-functional: The Highwild hammock swing chair can be used indoors or outside on the patio, balcony or garden.

It can attach to a branch, beam or hammock stand in seconds and is then waterproof so you can leave it outside, ready for whenever you need to chill.

Available in grey or beige, you can choose the style that makes you feel the most relaxed. And you could also use it inside too, if you don’t have much outside space.

Available in beige or grey, the Highwild hammock swing chair brings a touch of calm and peace to an outside space.

Shoppers say sitting in it and taking their body off the floor makes them feel free and relaxes them physically and mentally. Whether the swing is inside in a corner of the bedroom or outside surrounded by trees, shoppers say it helps them achieve a sense of complete relaxation.

‘So comfortable, I love it!’ praised one Amazon shopper who rated the swing a full five stars. ‘I love hanging above the garden and having coffee or reading or people watching or swinging. I can snuggle up in it like a cocoon – I never want to get out.’

The Highwild hammock swing chair can be bolted to the ceiling so you can relax and swing indoors, taking your body above the ground and feeling looser, lighter and completely liberated.

Another who used the chair swing inside added: ‘We bolted it to our ceiling in the living room. We all love sitting and swinging in it and prefer the swing to our couches. It feels more relaxing.’

Whether you hang it indoors or out, there’s no getting over the fact that the current 30 percent price reduction makes it excellent value for money.  If you have it up for just five years, it works out to $10 a year or less than a dollar per month for a chair that will help you relax and feel free. 

Head to Amazon now to snap it up while it’s on sale. 


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