Accused love triangle killer Kaitlin Armstrong won’t testify

Closing argument are underway in the Texas murder trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, who is accused of killing her boyfriend’s love interest. 

Jurors in the case will not hear from Armstrong herself as she declined to testify in her own defense Wednesday. 

Armstrong, 35, faces murder charges in the May 11, 2022 death of Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, a pro-cyclist who had dated Armstrong’s boyfriend when the two had broken up but later reconciled.

Prosecutors came out swinging during closing arguments Thursday, telling jurors in an Austin, Texas courtroom that Armstrong was not the ‘shrinking violet’ her lawyers had described.

‘This is your shrinking violet,’ said prosecutors, as they showed a photo of Armstrong shooting a firearm at a gun range.

Pro-cyclist Moriah 'Mo'Wilson was gunned down while staying in the Austin apartment of a friend

Armstrong's boyfriend Colin Strickland (pictured), 35, has since admitted that he did in fact have an affair with Wilson

Strickland says he and Wilson (pictured) had gotten dinner together the night she was murdered.

Jurors immediately heard surveillance video of Wilson screaming followed by gunshots.

‘The last thing she did on Earth was scream in terror,’ state prosecutor Rickey Jones. 

Armstrong fled Austin, Texas, days after Wilson’s slaying to Costa Rica to avoid being charged. 

‘She’s running from you and you and you. You are a jury of her peers and everyone gets their day in court,’ Jones added.

‘Kaitlin Armstrong enters the courtroom,’ tweeted News Nation reporter Alex Caprariello

‘She is wearing a black pantsuit and dark teal blouse. She does not make eye contact with anyone as she enters. She takes her seat at the defense table. Two rows behind her sits her parents and her sister, Christine.’


 ‘Never seen so much evidence in my life against one person,’ Jones stated.

Cameras haven’t been allowed in the courtroom for the trial that began Oct. 30, except for opening and closing statements.

The defense will make its final case to jurors after prosecutors who are currently speaking.

Armstrong faces 99 years in prison if convicted. 


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