Adelaide Footy boss slams senior SA police officer after anti-trans post

Top cop slammed for ‘sickening’ Facebook post about trans-women in sport – but he says he’s not transphobic: ‘It’s science and it’s cheating’

  • The officer described a trans footy player playing in a woman’s league as ‘lunacy’
  • The comments were later removed by the league, with boss slamming them 
  • John Kernahan said the league’s officials were ‘disappointed, even sickened’

A senior police officer has come under fire for posting a message on Facebook calling the inclusion of trans-women in sport cheating.

The South Australian cop wrote the message after a transgender player participated in a women’s match this weekend in the Adelaide Footy League – an amateur AFL competition. 

His comments were later removed by the league, with chief John Kernahan saying they were ‘sickened’ by them. 

‘So apparently men have no physical advantage playing against women! This is lunacy,’ the officer said. 

‘A man can’t swim against a woman, how is it right for one to play a physical sport like football against women? It’s not transphobic, it’s science and it’s cheating.

Adelaide Footy League boss chief John Kernahan said the organisation were 'really disappointed, even sickened'

Adelaide Footy League boss chief John Kernahan said the organisation were ‘really disappointed, even sickened’

‘The Adelaide Football League and the SANFL need to actually be brave and make a stance. 

‘This is not okay. By making one person comfortable they are making multiple others uncomfortable.’

The footy boss said the public should be celebrating having the privilege to play the game, not dragging others down.

‘We’re really disappointed, even sickened,’ Mr Kernahan told the Adelaide Advertiser

‘We are at a loss as to why anyone would impose such vitriolic if not archaic views on a person attempting to find their way in life. 

‘We speak of an awareness to mental health and yet these statements seemingly contradict that.’

The experienced officer made the comments on the league's Facebook page after a weekend women's match

The experienced officer made the comments on the league’s Facebook page after a weekend women’s match

Mr Kernahan also insisted the league was supportive of every eligible player.

‘The Adelaide Footy League is inclusive of any participant eligible to play.

‘Our catch cry is strengthening communities through footy. If the league is not a place for all walks of life to call home and play footy, where is?’

SA Police said it was aware of the posts on social media and was investigating them.

‘South Australia Police notes these comments reflect an individual’s personal opinion.

‘SA Police is a diverse and inclusive organisation where all people are safe and respected and supported to reach their potential.

‘We are aware of the social media post and the matter is now under investigations by the Ethical and Professional Standards Branch.’


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