ALERT DAY: Winter storm moving into Wisconsin. Here’s what to expect! – – WISC-TV3

The most widespread winter storm of the season thus far is moving through southern Wisconsin. Alert days are in the forecast frfor tonight through Wednesday morning.

Tonight will be cloudy and breezy with a period of moderate to heavy snow, which could come down at one to two inches per hour at times. This, combined with gusty winds, will lead to limited visibility and treacherous road conditions. The heaviest snow likely falls between 8 p.m. and midnight.

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Temperatures will hold nearly steady around 30 degrees overnight. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy, breezy, and turning colder with light snow, possibly mixed with freezing drizzle and drizzle in the morning tapering to flurries in the afternoon. Additional minor snow accumulations are possible during the morning. Total snowfall for the storm should be from 4 to 9″ over much of south-central Wisconsin, with the heaviest totals south and west of Dane County.

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Because the snow will be wet and heavy, combined with gusty winds and low visibility, major impacts to travel are expected. As well, clearly the snow will be challenging as the wet and heavy snow is harder to shovel, and often can clog snow blowers. Expect icy conditions for walkers.

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In the last hours before the storm arrives, this would be a great opportunity to complete any needed errands, and gas up the snow blowers for snow removal. If your work involves commuting, perhaps see if there’s a way to leave work early before the storm moves in.

Stay tuned to the News 3 Now First Warn Weather team on air, online, and on social media, as we will continue to track this developing storm.


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