AOC town hall heckled at town hall over migrants, and the debt ceiling

‘You’re a piece of sh*t’: NYC town hall descends into chaos as foul-mouthed hecklers hurl abuse at AOC over migrant crisis, drag queen hour and debt ceiling showdown

  • In a town hall on Friday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was loudly criticized by her constituents for her various positions
  • Protesters called out AOC for her stance on issues such as Ukraine, the migrant crisis, drag queen story hours and the debt ceiling 
  • At least two protesters were escorted out by security, one of whom was demanding to know where AOC stood on the migrant issue 

A town hall meeting held by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Queens on Friday night descended into farce as the firebrand was called a ‘piece of sh*t’ and berated for her views on Ukraine, migrants, drag queen story hours and the debt ceiling. 

The meeting was held in the Corona neighborhood, AOC’s constituency. Her constituents were not in welcoming mood, especially when the town hall moved to to the question and answer stage. 

‘American citizens before migrants,’ one heckler yelled. Others chanted: ‘America first.’ 

Another shouted: ‘We are on the verge of nuclear war with Russia. Are you going to stop this war?’ shouted another, according to video recorded by conservative activist group Freedom News TV.

Video shows one protester, wearing a Cuba t-shirt and waving miniature American flags, being led away by security after repeatedly calling AOC a ‘piece of sh*t’ and asking: ‘Where are you on the migrant issue?’ 

An Iraq veteran attempted to defend the Bronx-born Democrat by saying: ‘Immigrants have nothing to do with vets, it’s just an excuse. We all, for the most part, came through Ellis Island.’ At that point a protester interjected: ‘Legally!’ 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a town hall meeting in her constituency in Corona, Queens, on Friday night

The meeting was bombarded with protesters, one man was escorted out after he called the congresswoman a 'piece of sh*t'

AOC protesters demanded to know why the congresswoman continued to support sending billions to Ukraine while many are struggling in Queens and The Bronx

In social media posts heralding the event, AOC made no reference to the protesters

One prominent sign read: 'AOC: An obvious criminal.' Others had phrases such as: 'Stop funding Ukraine,' 'American First. Vetted legal migrants only' and 'AOC: Stop pushing drag queen story hour'

Another woman was removed when she yelled: ‘Stop funding this war, there’s a lot of communities that need help and need that money. I’m from that community’

‘I don’t like that Republicans passed a $1.7 trillion tax cut on the wealthiest people in this country,’ told the crowd to large applause.  

One prominent sign read: ‘AOC: An obvious criminal.’ Others had phrases such as: ‘Stop funding Ukraine,’ ‘American First. Vetted legal migrants only’ and ‘AOC: Stop pushing drag queen story hour,’ reports the New York Post. 

The congressman was criticized loudly by one protester for voting in favor of sending $100 billion to Ukraine following the Russian invasion after she made remarks in favor of removing the debt ceiling. 

When that protester was shouted down by someone telling him to wait his turn, he replied: ‘Freedom of speech!’ 

President Joe Biden said a deal to resolve the government’s crisis seemed ‘very close’ late Friday, even as the deadline for a potentially catastrophic default was pushed back to June 5 and seemed likely to drag negotiations between the White House and Republicans into another frustrating week.

Social media posts from AOC’s team following Friday’s town hall made no reference to the protesters. 

‘Thank you to everyone who joined us for tonight’s May town hall in Corona! We had such great turnout, even on Memorial Day weekend!,’ a Facebook post from her official page read. 

‘It was awesome answering all your questions, discussing the debt limit negotiations, and more. See you next month!,’ the congresswoman tweeted in a separate post. 

In 2022, AOC was pictured dancing along on-stage as protesters chanted 'AOC must go' at a town hall in Queens