Apple Loop: Powerful iPhone 16 Leaks, iPad Pro Upgrade, Folding iPhone Delayed

Taking a look back at this week’s news and headlines from Apple, including WWDC 2024 dates, leaked iPhone 15 Pro specs, iPhone 16’s AI problem, folding iPhone delayed, MacBook Pro’s important fix, a new iPad camera, surprise iPhone 12 upgrade, and $100,000 for a 4 GB iPhone.

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Apple Announces WWDC Dates

Apple is under pressure this year to deliver a meaningful AI-based product. With its smartphone rivals almost a year ahead of Tim Cook and his team, the Worldwide Developer will be the public launch of their AI move. Now we know what that will be.

“WWDC is a week later than usual, running Monday, June 10, to the following Friday, June 14… It will kick off with the keynote as usual. Apple hasn’t revealed the time just yet but it’s always at 10 a.m. local, in this case Pacific Daylight Time. Like last year, it’s going to be online, but there’ll be a special event in person on the Monday.”


Latest iPhone 16 Pro Details

AI may be the next big buzzword, but as we’ve discussed before, it’s not going to be a Kilelr app that sells phones on its own. There’s something more powerful than that… the color of the phone. This week, the colorway of the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro models came to light… Rose Gold, Natural Titanium, and Space Black:

“If you’re disappointed by how discreet these colors are going to be, remember that the current Pro crop is also demurely understated, and the (slightly) brighter colors are kept for the iPhone 15 range. Perhaps this year’s phones will mirror that.


iPhone 16 Needs AI Lift

We also have details on the vanilla iPhone 16 range. Apple has worked hard to create a generational gap between them, with the iPhone 15 sporting the A16 and the iPhone 15 Pro the A17 Pro. But if Apple is going to go all-in on AI, then the iPhone 16 is going to need a lot more power. Which looks to be the case:

“The first comes from well-known leaker @Tech_Reve (via TechRadar) who claims the iPhone 16 will have additional RAM and storage capacity to give the AI more room to do its thing. Analyst Jeff Pu also believes that the A18 Pro chipset will also power the phone’s on-device AI. “

(Tom’s Guide).

Folding iPhone Delayed

AI is not the only area Apple is falling behind in. The other is foldable smartphones, and its plans to try and match the likes of Samsung and Honor have been delayed for at least three more years… even if Apple is still stockpiling parts:

“Apple higher-ups said after considering the preparation for various items, including foldable display supply, the launch of the foldable iPhone was adjusted from the fourth quarter of 2026 to the first quarter of 2027. Despite the delay, major component manufacturers such as display suppliers are expected to proceed according to the original schedule.”


MacBook Picks Up important Fix

Following the critical bugs found in macOS 14.4, Apple has pushed out an interim 14.4.1 release. With users asked to hold back on upgrading the 14.4 version, this minor update should take care of the isues introduced earlier this month:

“MacOS 14.4… users reported that some USB devices stopped working after the update, requiring changes to the privacy and security settings to allow a connection; under some circumstances, older versions of files backed up to iCloud were deleted; and Java processes were crashing unexpectedly on Apple Silicon powered Macs.”


iPad’s New Camera

While the next iPad release looks to be pushed back to May, there is good news for those waiting. Apple may finally allow a more comfortable landscape experience and put a forward-facing camera along the long edge:

the ipad has this already. Now it’s time for the iPad Pro to join the revolution:

“Currently, the front-facing camera of both the iPad Air and iPad Pro resides on the top of the device, which means that the camera is positioned to the left when the device is being used in landscape, such as with a Magic Keyboard. Apple relocated the front-facing camera of the 10th-generation iPad to the side of the device to provide a better experience in landscape and the company has not launched a new iPad since then.”


iPhone 12’s Surprise Speed Increase

Apple has a surprise for iPhone 12 owners. The 2020 phone has always been able to charge at 15W with MagSafe wirelessly, but it was limited to the slower 7.5W using the open Qi standard. With the release of iOS 17.4, the 15W Qi2 standard is now available, and faster charging from all wireless chargers is now available for all.

“Although it hasn’t officially been announced by Apple, iOS 17.4 appears to have unlocked Qi2 support for the iPhone 12. A series of tests and feedback from Macworld readers prove that the iPhone 12 now works at full 15W wireless charging speed when magnetically connected to a non-MagSafe Qi2 charger.”


And Finally…

How much would you spend on an iPhone? How about the first iPhone? How about the first iPhone with far too little memory? SOmebody decided that $100,00 was the right amount this week:

“In mid-March, a 4GB original-release iPhone hit the auction block at LCG Auctions. The model was noted to be in fantastic condition, with seven of the eight corners sharp, no fading, and no dings around the edges. LCG expected the model to bring in over $100,000 — and it did. The final sales price was $130,027.20. The main reason for the high sale price is rarity. Apple discontinued the 4GB model on September 5, 2007, just over two months after its release.”

(Apple Insider).

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