Aubrey Huff, who swore off the Giants and Dodgers, was just at Giants-Dodgers with Jacob Wohl’s dad – SF Gate

We here at SFGATE do not usually acknowledge the antics of former San Francisco Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff, whose social media presence is specifically intended to annoy people — or as he would say, trigger the libs.

But Huff’s appearance at Wednesday night’s Giants-Dodgers game was too strange to leave un-addressed. For one, in April, Huff had issued a clarion call to “cancel [the] massive liberal cities” and their teams, including the Giants and Dodgers. Huff’s followers did not heed his battle cry, nor did he, apparently.

Huff’s companions for the game seemed to understandably bother some Dodgers fans on social media. One was David Wohl, father of Jacob Wohl, a far-right provocateur who has a lengthy list of schemes to his name. You might’ve heard of a few: the time he made up accusations against Robert Mueller, the time he made up accusations against Pete Buttigieg, the time he made up accusations against Elizabeth Warren, the time he made up accusations against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the time he made up damaging stories about Ilhan Omar, the time he made up his own death threats, and the time he coordinated fake robocalls to dissuade potential voters during the 2020 election. Wohl is now facing felony charges for the robocalls debacle. David Wohl’s Twitter bio notes that he’s a “High Profile Defense Attorney,” so perhaps he can help Jacob out of his predicament.

Most notably, Huff’s Giants-Dodgers appearance also confirmed the MAGA leanings of Steve Mears, aka Moneyball Steve, a well-known Dodgers ballhawk who’s always trying to snag homers. Mr. Moneyball has 26,000 Instagram followers, and captioned his Instagram photo with Huff, “You know he’s an awesome dude when I like a Giant.”

As far as I can tell, San Francisco’s own Dave Edlund, aka McCovey Cove Dave, hasn’t posed for any photos recently with Huff, which is a major victory for the Giants over the Dodgers.


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