Australia’s most notorious gang rapist hits a woman with an AVO

Mohammad Skaf: One of Australia’s most notorious gang rapists, hits woman with a restraining order over stalking fears – after he was freed from jail to live in the community


One of Australia’s most notorious gang rapists, Mohammed Skaf, has filed a restraining order against two people, including a female drug dealer, two years after he was freed from jail.

Skaf, 40, walked from Long Bay correctional complex in October 2021 after serving a 22-year sentence for his role in a string of brutal sexual assaults around south-west Sydney – carried out when he was 17 years old, alongside his brother, Bilal.

The brothers, along with about 12 others, went on a month-long rape rampage in the weeks leading up to the 2000 Olympic Games, holding at least six women against their will and repeatedly assaulted.

Few crimes in Australia’s recent history have stirred more community anger than the campaign of terror waged by the gang.

Upon his release, Skaf had indicated a wish to get married, have children, find a job and study architecture.

However, Daily Mail Australia can now reveal he fears for his personal safety.

Mohammed Skaf is pictured on the day he walked from Sydney 's Long Bay correctional complex, in October 2021

Bilal Skaf (above) is serving a 31-year prison sentence with a non-parole period of 28 years

Mohammed Skaf (above) was released from Long Bay jail in 2021

In June, police took out apprehended violence orders against Alexandra Mastropetros, 27, and Hicham Ismail, 31, on Skaf’s behalf.

The AVO against Ismail, who was previously jailed for affray, was upheld in Bankstown Local Court in September for a period of two years.

The restraining order against Mastropetros came as she was charged with stalking and intimidation with an intent to cause fear and physical harm.

Mastropetros failed to appear in court on September 7, in accordance with her bail conditions, and was convicted in her absence.

She was also convicted of two drug supply offences and will face court again for sentencing on September 21.

Skaf was one of gang of Lebanese-Australian youths led by his older brother Bilal who went on a rampage of pack rapes in Sydney’s south-west in 2000.

At least six women and girls were held and repeatedly sexually assaulted in four attacks that shocked Australia and raised racial tensions to fever pitch in NSW.

Mohammed Skaf is pictured outside his family's home at Greenacre

Gang rapist Mohammed Skaf after his arrest at the age of 17

One woman was raped 25 times by 14 attackers at three locations in an ordeal that lasted six hours.

She was called an ‘Aussie pig’, told she was going to get it ‘Leb-style’ and asked if ‘Leb c*** tasted better than Aussie c***’. 

In another attack, a 16-year-old was pinned down on the ground and raped by 18-year-old Bilal while a dozen of his underlings stood around her laughing. 

‘These men treated her much like wild animals treat prey they have just killed,’ judge Michael Finnane said, at the time. 

He described their crimes as being ‘worse than murder’.

‘These were not random attacks and, in my view, they were aimed at creating terror in the community,’ he said.

‘It seemed clear to me that these men were sending out a message to the community in Sydney. 

‘Skaf and the members of this gang clearly wanted public recognition for what they had done.’

Skaf’s brother Bilal was the ringleader of the gang. He was almost 19 upon arrest,  and is now 42. He will be eligible for parole in 2033.

Nine members of the Skaf gang were jailed. About five offenders were never caught. 

Upon his release from jail in October 2021, the younger Skaf brother had spent most of his life in custody and never publicly expressed remorse for his crimes.

The Skaf family home is about 1.7km from Gosling Park (above) where one of the Skaf gang's pack rapes occurred on August 12, 2000

Skaf gang rape rampage: A timeline

Bilal Skaf (pictured) was the leader of a gang of pack rapists who rampaged across Sydney in the weeks leading up to the 2000 Olympics

August 10, 2000: Two teenagers aged 17 and 18 were offered drugs. They were taken by car to the gang, who were waiting at Northcote Park in Greenacre. The pair was forced to perform sex acts on eight men.  

August 12, 2000: Mohammed Skaf took a 16-year-old friend to his brother and other gang members at Gosling Park, Greenacre. Bilal Skaf and another male raped the girl in front of 12 men.

August 30, 2000: An 18-year-old woman was raped at Bankstown by Mohammed Skaf who told her he was going to ‘f**k her Leb style’. She was taken to two other locations and raped and assaulted by 14 men for six hours.

September 4, 2000: Two 16-year-old girls were taken from Beverly Hills train station to a home where they were repeatedly raped by three men over a five-hour period. 


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