Bakery slammed by ‘Karen’ over ‘horrible’ birthday cake hits back

A bakery has won thousands of fans after an unhappy customer’s bad birthday cake review went viral.

The woman posted a photograph of the back of a $100(aud) skating-themed birthday cake slamming the business, ‘The Whisk Studio’, and warning her friends to ‘avoid’.

But the cakers were having none of the negativity and took a screenshot of the post before sharing it on their own page.

‘There is currently a post circulating on social media about a cake we recently made that a customer was unhappy about,’ a member of the team wrote.

‘Please note the picture circulating is a photo of THE BACK of the cake and not a good representation of the situation at all. The photo is highlighting the back of a 2D topper not being painted. (This is not standard practice for us).’

The bakery’s staff said they had responded to the complaint immediately but not heard back from the ‘Karen’.

The customer promised to get the business bashed on social media if they didn't give a refund

‘The cake was served. And a full refund was demanded, threatening ‘social media bashing’ if that did not happen. We felt that was not reasonable and gave a 30% refund,’ they claimed.

‘This has now resulted in posting negatively about our business all over social media without providing the full context. This is very damaging to our small business. We are but two mums doing our best to make every cake an exceptional one.’

They said they aren’t ashamed of complaints and take them all seriously.

‘We believe we followed the brief and delivered what was promised.’

The team’s response to the social media ‘bashing’ was complimented by thousands of new fans.

‘Handled with transparency and class! New follower here in Texas,’ one woman wrote.

‘New follower from a very small town in Ohio USA. Your cakes look fantastic to me. Showing the backside of the cake was very childish on their part. It looks like it is backfiring on them.’ 

‘Looks like I found who will make my two year old’s birthday cake this year,’ said another.

 Others slammed the woman who complained.

‘Some people don’t want a solution, just a reason to complain. The back to me isn’t very important. It looks good,’ one woman said.

‘Sounds like she is the type of woman to keep the tags on for an event then return the clothes,’ said another.

Over a thousand people have commented on the company’s post. 

An image of the front of the cake was not shared. The bakery is located in South Africa.      


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