Barnaby Joyce’s daughter brutal message to her dad and his new wife

Barnaby Joyce’s youngest daughter has confirmed none of his four girls attended his ‘bush bash’ wedding to his former political adviser Vikki Campion, as she reveals her dad didn’t even tell her about the ceremony.

The ex-Nationals leader, 56, and Vikki Campion, 38, exchanged vows at his family’s sprawling farm in Woolbrook, west of Walcha, in the NSW Northern Tablelands, on Sunday afternoon.

Their young sons Thomas and Sebastian, age four and five, donned Akubra hats, tan chinos and cowboy boots for their roles as ring bearers, and could be seen enjoying the reception with their parents and about 80 guests.

But notably absent from the family photos was Odette, 20, Caroline, 23, Julia, 24, Bridgette, 26 – the adult daughters Joyce shares with his ex-wife, Natalie  Abberfield.

On Saturday evening, just hours before the wedding, Odette used Instagram to share a photo of a friend’s birthday celebration in the Sydney suburb of Manly – which is about five hours south of the venue.

On Monday, she confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that she wasn’t invited to attended the celebration.

She said: ‘Personally I wasn’t invited to the wedding, wasn’t even told about it from my father, I found out through other sources.’

Odette Joyce (pictured) said she was not invited to her father's wedding to Vikki Campion on Sunday

Odette Joyce posted a photo of a friend's birthday celebration in the Sydney suburb of Manly to Instagram on Saturday

‘I’d also rather celebrate my friend’s birthday than attend or even think about a wedding I don’t care about nor support.

‘If my father doesn’t want to think about me or even consider me in the decisions he makes that ultimately affect me then frankly I don’t have the time to think about him.’

Odette also slammed her father for allowing a media photographer to shoot the happy couple’s nuptials. 

She labelled it a ‘grand attempt from them to stay relevant when everyone is over it’.

‘I also think getting the media involved and having them at the wedding is not only tacky but poor taste,’ she said.

Joyce’s relationship with Ms Campion sent shockwaves through Australia’s political scene when their affair was exposed in February 2018 – two months before she gave birth to their son, Sebastian.

Ms Abberfield, who he was married to for 24 years, was believed to have been  blindsided by her husband’s secret relationship.

At the time, Odette posted a picture of her mum and siblings on Instagram with the caption: ‘The real Joyce family #whosbarnaby’.

Barnaby Joyce's other family, pictured left to right: Daughters Odette, Bridgette, Caroline and Julia. His ex-wife Natalie is pictured, centre

Barnaby Joyce is pictured with his ex-wife Natalie at Federal Parliament's 2017 Mid Winter ball

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce are pictured with their sons, Sebastian and Thomas

Last month, Julia Joyce posted an Instagram video wearing a bridal dress while her mother appeared to wear a veil. 

The video was captioned: ‘Getting ready to crash my dad’s wedding I didn’t get invited to … in my mum’s wedding dress’.

Once their relationship was exposed, Joyce resigned as deputy prime minister and Nationals leader.

The then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull slammed Joyce for what he called a ‘shocking error of judgement’.

It led to Mr Turnbull introducing a so-called ‘bonk ban’ on Coalition MPs to stop them having sex with their ministerial staff.

Ms Campion, an opinion columnist, has spoken candidly about their affair, previously admitting their relationship ‘wasn’t perfect’ but insisting she doesn’t regret the drama surround their infidelity. 

‘Even until the day he said in Parliament that I was his partner, I didn’t believe it to be accurate. He said he would be there in the labour ward and I didn’t believe that either,’ she previously said.

Vikki Campion could be seen holding a cigarette at her own wedding reception on Sunday

Vikki Campion is pictured on Sunday holding a glass of champagne and a cigarette in one hand, with her other arm a wedding guest

Ms Campion married the former Nationals MP on Sunday. She wore a cream, strapless dress with a gold motif in her hair

‘You swap your job for harsh stares, paparazzi and paranoia, schoolyard ­rumours cooking up in Ultimo newsrooms, many without a yolk of truth and you stop answering the door,’ she went on.

‘He has asked me a thousand times: “Would you go through it all again?” And my answer has always been yes.’

He proposed with a parti sapphire ring, a stone popular in his northern NSW electorate of New England, in January 2022.

‘Rather than being down on one knee (to propose) I ended up being down on two. I was saying my prayers,’ he said.

When the couple announced their engagement, Mr Joyce said his family’s reaction was as ‘one would have expected’ and not everyone was pleased. 

‘Some are happy and some are understandably not as happy,’ Mr Joyce said at the time.

The wedding was supposed to be a low-key barbecue for around a dozen guests swelled to a party for more than 80 of their closest friends, with a dance floor ordered in for a shed on the property.

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion are pictured walking into their wedding reception on Sunday

Ms Campion is pictured hugging a guest at her own wedding reception on Sunday afternoon

Vikki Campion is pictured speaking with a guest at her wedding reception on Sunday

Joyce himself jumped out of a Toyota Landcruiser at the property ahead of the ceremony, before guests – including former Nationals MP George Christensen – began to arrive in a convoy of four-wheel drives.

Hours later, the newlyweds beamed as they walked together, hand-in-hand, to greet their guests – donning in his and hers Akubra hats.

A new, gold wedding band could be seen on Joyce’s hand.

Ms Campion wore a strapless cream dress with gold earrings and heeled black cowboy-style boots, as she walked alongside her new husband with a glass of champagne post-ceremony – smiling widely at her guests.

She barely let go of Joyce’s hand as she greeted guests at the reception. 

The groom opted for tan trousers with a brown belt and shoes, paired with a white shirt, navy blazer and tie. On his lapel was a pink and green boutonniere.

Vehicles were parked around a white aisle separating rows of white chairs. A single portable toilet could be seen on the trailer of one 4WD.


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