Bhad Bhabie reveals how much she REALLY earns on OnlyFans in 2021

She rose to fame — or infamy — via a Dr. Phil segment in which she uttered the instantly memed phrase, ‘Cash [sic] me outside, how ’bout that?’

But Bhad Bhabie has since become a successful rap artist and, more recently, a millionaire thanks to her highly lucrative OnlyFans subscription account.

And on Thursday, she gave her fans a behind-the-scenes look at just how much she allegedly makes on a monthly basis. 

The rapper posted a screenshot to her Instagram Stories that appeared to show a list of her earnings for each month of 2021, starting when she first signed up for the service.

The 20-year-old hitmaker (born Danielle Bregoli) previously said she had earned an astounding $1 million in just her first six hours on the platform, which is home to many adult content creators, though there are also many non-explicit subscription accounts on the site as well.

Backing it up: Bhad Bhabie (born Danielle Bregoli) shared a screenshot to her Insta Stories on Thursday that appeared to reveal her monthly OnlyFans earnings in 2021, her first year on the platform; seen in 2019 in LA

Last year, she said her earnings had stayed up in the stratosphere and claimed she was worth $50 million thanks to OnlyFans.

The screen shot was posted to her Instagram Stories on Thursday and listed in reverse chronological order her earnings.

Her most lucrative month was without a doubt April of 2021, when she launched the site.

The screenshot — which featured the formatting of OnlyFans’ mobile site — showed that she had earned $18,148,436.44 in her fist month on the platform.

There appeared to be a massive drop after that first month, and she only made about one-third as much in May 2021, with an apparent $6,878,249.13. 

Her earnings continued to decrease steadily for every visible month of 2021, with November 2021 being the most recent month that was visible.

After making over $1 million per month in September and October, she earned over $833,000 in November.

Although it was a significant drop off from her starting grosses, it was still an enormous amount to make in just one month.

Although she didn’t reveal how much she was making per month in 2022 or 2023, she could still be earning millions per year while making even less than she did in November 2021. 

Bhad Bhabie has already proven that she has several million dollars on hand after she purchased a seven-bedroom mansion in Florida in March of 2022 for an impressive $6.1 million.

Notably, she paid in full in cash, indicating that she had significant reserves at the time.

Making bank: Bhad Bhabie's screenshot appeared to show that she made an astounding $18M in her first month, and continued to make millions more for several months after that

Riches: It's unclear what she currently makes on OnlyFans, which is popular among adult performers, but she claimed in 2022 that she is worth $50M; seen in November 2022

Last year, the viral sensation–turned–successful rapper bought a mansion in Florida for $6.1M — and she paid in cash

Bregoli’s fame has since led to other income streams, including a $1 million deal to endorse makeup brand Copy Cat Beauty.

She currently charges $23.99 for a one-month subscription to her OnlyFans page, but she expressed concern about some of the subscribers who rushed to sign up just after she had turned 18.

During an appearance on Barstool Sports’ Sundae Conversation, the host Caleb Pressley asked if she thought people who subscribed ‘right away’ should be ‘in jail.’

‘Yes,’ she replied.


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