Blast of Winter Weather Possible for Last Day of 2020 – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Before 2020 comes to an end, it appears Mother Nature has one more weather curveball to throw at North Texas. A powerhouse upper-level storm system will move across southwest parts of the United States through the middle part of the week.

North Texas will see showers on Tuesday and additional rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday.

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As the storm system pivots and takes a turn to the north, it is expected to slow down and strengthen. If that happens, more cold air will be pulled into the low and help to cool the air in the middle part of the atmosphere. That will make the atmosphere more capable of producing snow and having that snow reach the ground.

NBC 5 Weather

NBC 5 Weather

That means for parts of North Texas, a transition from rain over to sleet and snow will be possible late Wednesday night and during the day Thursday.

Before you break out the snow shovel, know that there are still a lot of details that need to work themselves out. The track of the upper-level storm will be critical. A shift of 50-100 miles could make a world of difference between who sees snow and who sees rain.

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This is a dynamic and evolving situation. We will be posting frequent updates, so please stay weather aware and check back for updated information.

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While we’ll be tracking showers moving across North Texas today, it’s Friday that has more of our attention. It is looking more and likely that we will be dealing with a round of strong to severe thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon and evening hours.

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