Britney Spears models skimpy outfit in latest Instagram post

Britney Spears models VERY skimpy outfit in latest Instagram post where she expresses gratitude for being ‘so relatable’ to fans

Britney Spears showed off her dance moves once again in her latest Instagram reel for 42.1 million Instagram followers on Friday. 

The 41-year-old Hit Me Baby One More Time hitmaker shared a photo dump of herself in various dance poses as she wore a skimpy pair of underwear and a tiny jeweled crop top. 

She added a long caption for the set of snaps, writing, ‘When people say everywhere I go…’We missed you we missed you’ I’m like so enthralled that I’m so relatable.’ 

The blonde beauty – who is still in the midst of divorcing ex Sam Asghari, 29 — continued with, ‘You can speak to me even when you’re not spoken to…because I CARE,’ throwing in a middle finger emoji for good measure. 

Concluding with, ‘I mean … should I not let you guys miss saying hi and disturb the peace,’ Britney ended her caption with an applicable peace sign emoji. 

Dancing queen: Britney Spears modeled a skimpy outfit in her latest Instagram post where she expressed gratitude for being, 'so relatable' to fans; seen Friday

Staying strong: In spite of her ongoing nasty divorce from ex Sam Asghari, Britney posted a caption in which she expressed gratitude for her fans missing her

The Lucky songstress also shared two videos of herself dancing in a short yellow dress with perfectly contrasting black ankle booties. 

She captioned the first dancing video with, ‘Yellow hello!’ 

However, the Crossroads actress kept the caption under the second video of her dancing in her yellow outfit a bit more mysterious, simply adding a biting lip emoji and two snake emojis — weeks after she actually got a snake tattoo on her back

In spite of her ongoing divorce drama, the Circus vocalist appears to be in good spirits, frequently posting dance videos on her Instagram page for her followers in varying sultry outfits. 

She’s also soon to be relieved of another financial burden – monthly child support payments for her soon to be 18-year-old son Sean (with 17-year-old Jayden following suit soon), whom she shares custody with with ex-husband Kevin Federline

A source told the that the princess of pop is still more than happy to support her sons, but she reportedly didn’t approve of her money lining her ex-husband’s pockets. 

‘Britney is happy to help Sean and Jayden. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her sons,’ the insider revealed, adding, ‘But this would go directly to them after they turn 18 instead of Kevin.’ 

In spite of the stress from her exes, the petite vocal powerhouse happily declared herself ‘single as f***‘- in another recent Instagram video — that she ultimately chose to delete. 

Proving that she still has a dedicated fanbase, Britney didn’t have to say a word when her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears was named as a new cast member for Dancing With The Stars season 32 — outraged Britney fans vowed to vote Jamie out without the Toxic singer having to make a single post about how she felt about it.  

Leggy lady: The Gimme More singer showed off her dance moves in her latest Instagram video where she rocked a short yellow dress and chunky black heels

In her most recent photo dump, Britney shared photos of herself in a skimpy outfit as she posed with some of her signature dance moves

Dancing in the dark: The Toxic Pony singer's most recent dance video came just hours after she shared snaps of herself dancing in a skimpy outfit and wrote about her appreciation for fans missing her

Low cut lady: The dancer came close to spilling out of her revealing outfit as she posed for her followers

Princess of shock: The curvy singer wrote about how much she appreciated her fans

Arguably one of the most famous pop stars decades after her career initially began, Britney’s highly anticipated memoir has already broken a record. 

The book, titled The Woman In Me, has already made TIME’s list of most anticipated books of the year. 

Britney’s tell all is slated to be released in bookstores everywhere on October 24th.

According to the synopsis on the official website for The Woman In Me, the book promises a tale of, ‘freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope.’


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