California woman accused of offering friend $2M to kill her husband

Glamorous equestrian Tatyana Remley arrested for ‘hiring friend to kill estranged husband’ in $2 million murder-for-hire plot

  • Remley, 42, was arrested inside a Starbucks in Solano Beach, California, on August 2 
  • Her lawyer said she had been struggling financially since her tempestuous 12-year marriage to millionaire Mark Remley ended
  • Court had recently ordered her to slash her expenses from $50,000 a month to $12,000

A glamorous California equestrian is accused of trying to kill her estranged millionaire husband in a murder-for-hire plot after a court ordered her to slash her spending from $50,000 a month. 

Tatyana Remley, 42, was taken into custody by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department on August 2 during a sting operation at a Starbucks in Solano Beach. 

Tatyana, who filed for divorce in May, is accused of offering a mutual friend $2 million to kill Mark Remley, her husband of 12 years. The friend later informed Mark of her plan. 

Local reports indicate the couple, who were behind the doomed acrobatic equestrian show Valitar, had a volatile history filled with previous divorce filings that they did not follow through on and accusations of abuse. 

Mark claims she set fire to their $5 million home on Rancho Reposo in swanky Del Mar just days after she allegedly tried to solicit a hit on him.

Tatyana had been struggling financially, according to her lawyer, after she was ordered to bring down her spending to $12,000 a month as part of their divorce settlement. 

Tatyana Remley (pictured) of Del Mar, California, allegedly tried to pull off a murder-for-hire plot on her estranged millionaire husband, Mark Remley

Remley, who filed for divorce from husband Mark Remley in May, is accused of offering a friend $2 million to kill Mark. Pictured: The couple in a photo from Facebook

The couple's $4.8 million home, located in ritzy Del Mar, California

In July, her attorney, Tiffany Brown, outlined her client’s struggles in a divorce filing. 

‘Wife is experiencing extreme financial strain. She is unable to maintain her realistic monthly expenses of just $12,000, much less [than] what she was accustomed to at $50,000,’ the filing states. 

‘She has no income and does not have the same access to funds and assets that Respondent does.’

Desperate, Tatyana allegedly turned to a mutual friend to help remedy her situation. 

When he found out about the alleged hit, Mark took his concerns to police, who subsequently arrested her after a sting operation, according to The Coast News. 

The exact details of how Tatyana – who has Mark’s name tattooed on her stomach – asked for him to be killed have not been shared by police at this time.  

In addition to a charge of solicitation of murder, she is facing two weapons charges: carrying and concealing firearms not registered in her name in a vehicle and carrying a loaded firearm in a public place not registered in her name. 

The first is a felony and the second is a misdemeanor. 

Tatyana pleaded not guilty to all charges on August 4. Her bail was denied by a judge. 

If found guilty on the solicitation charge, she could face up to nine years in prison. 

The firearms felony charge could add an additional year to that sentence. 

Remley and her husband had started several unsuccessful businesses over the years, including an indoor cycling studio called Rhythm and Power

Remley in a promotional ad for their failed horse show in the San Diego area

Remley seen with a luxury sports car in a photo from her Facebook page

The couple purportedly had an intense relationship filled with ups – including luxury homes and vacations – and downs – like volatile arguments and divorce filings. 

They initially tied the knot in 2011 and have separated and reconciled numerous times over the course of a decade. 

Tatyana attested in court documents that she had unlimited access to credit cards, up to $50,00 per month, and stunning properties in California and Hawaii. 

After their most recent split, she asked the court to have him pay her an additional $15,000 a month in spousal support. 

Tatyana also asked that she be given exclusive access to their home in Del Mar, two trucks, a horse trailer, and other various items and pets. 

Her attorney argued that she couldn’t cope with her new, more frugal lifestyle as the couple would regularly spend $30,000 in one night. 

She valued her husband as having more than $1 million worth of luxury vehicles, including two Rolls Royce cars. 

Mark also has more than $8 million in assets he could sell to support her, she claimed. 

In her filings, she made alarming claims of abuse, including one story about being held at gunpoint and another of being chased around their home with a knife. 

Tatyana also accused him of being present while she was assaulted at gunpoint by a friend of his. 

Mark told The Coast News that the stories in her petition are false. 

This is one of the couple's previous homes in the San Diego area, valued at over $5 million

The couple previously made headlines a decade ago when they opened an 'equine-human acrobatics show' in 2012 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds known as Valitar

In July, the Del Mar Fire Department responded to a fire at their home in the 4600 block of Rancho Reposo that Mark alleges Tatyana started. 

Fire officials confirmed to The Coast News that the home’s interior was reduced to ash from the blaze and that the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

In one divorce document, Tatyana said she was present at the time the fire broke out but that she did not know how the blaze began. 

The couple previously made headlines a decade ago when they opened their ‘equine-human acrobatics show’ Valitar at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in 2012. 

The show abruptly closed and the business quickly went under sparking lawsuits from vendors.

In 2015, the pair opened a cycling studio called Rhythm and Power that closed the next year for undisclosed reasons.


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