Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile release date and unlock times worldwide

After what felt like months and months of limited testing, the long-awaited launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile finally arrives this week all across the world. The battle royale game is the closest thing we have to the big-boy Warzone in the palm of our hands, but it offers surprisingly more than that.

The big reason why you may want to play it when it goes live, of course, is its cross-compatibility with Warzone on PC/consoles, as well as Modern Warfare 3. That’s because weapon, character and battle pass progression is shared across all three games.

Those who have been playing Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone since they launched late last year will have a strong start with an arsenal of weapons, attachments, unlocks and plenty of character skins to pick from.

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Warzone Mobile, much like its bigger sibling on PC and consoles, is free-to-play. Anyone with an Android, or Apple iOS phone will be able to download it and start playing as soon as it goes live.

The game launches on Thursday, March 21, but riming varies by region. Here’s when you can expect to play Warzone Mobile where you are.

  • March 21 at 9am PT.
  • March 21 at 11am CT.
  • March 21 at 12pm ET.
  • March 21 at 4pm UK.
  • March 21 at 5pm CET.
  • March 21 at 6pm EET.
  • March 21 at 8pm GST.
  • March 22 at 3am AEST.

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In celebration of the launch, Warzone Mobile will be hosting its first ever in-game event, in the form of Operation: Day Zero. The limited-time event will be available one day after launch, on March 22.

As part of Operation: Day Zero, six contested zones across Verdansk and Rebirth Island – the two battle royale maps, will be available for players to drop in. The more Event Actions you (and the wider player community) complete in those zones, the more Event Points everyone is going to earn.

Event Points can later be used towards unlocking rewards. Some goals are personal, and you can grind them out yourself. While others require the Warzone Mobile community to participate. The good news is that every Event Point you earn goes into the big community pool, too. A zone is considered cleared once the community has accumulated the necessary points for it. The event is also active in the traditional multiplayer section of Warzone Mobile, though you’re going to earn less there than in battle royale.

If you’re reading this ahead of launch, be sure to pre-register for Warzone Mobile so you’re ready once it goes live in your region. You’ll also earn a couple of cosmetic rewards for your trouble. Be sure to use the Activision ID you’ve been rocking in Warzone/Modern Warfare 3 for your progress to be shared.

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