Camila Cabello and on-again beau Shawn Mendes have dinner date in NYC

Camila Cabello rocks a black leather jacket while Shawn Mendes wears all blue as the on-again couple meets up for dinner date in New York City

Like they have several times this week, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes hooked up once again, only this time they had a romantic dinner date in New York City.

The Treat You Better singer was seen meeting up with the Cuban-born star and then making their way to a restaurant in Manhattan.

In keeping with their penchant for coordinating their ensembles, the hot and heavy couple both wore blue jeans, which Mendes matched with a matching fleece and white sneakers, while his ladylove opted to round out her ensemble with a black T-shirt and matching leather jacket.

On this night, the Ontario, Canada native looked to be feeling a bit shy and began covering up part of his face as he and Cabello seemingly made their way to an awaiting vehicle.

With his phone in hand, Mendes kept one of his hands up towards his face while he kept his head down as photographers snapped away.

Fashion coordinating: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello appeared to fashion coordinate with blue jeans

Fashion coordinating: While the Canadian-born star matched his denim with a baby blue fleece, the Cuban native went with a black leather jacket and t-shirt

Shy boy: The Canadian-born star looked to be playing the shy role when he met up with Cabello ahead of their dinner date by covering his face at times and keeping his head down

Stylish: The Worth It starlet matched her blue jeans with a black leather jacket, t-shirt and black, open-toe heels as she carried a brown and black purse

Cabello, 26, didn’t seem to mind all the attention when they met up for their dinner date, or when they arrived back at his residence for their final goodnight.

At times, the Worth It starlet wore her stylish leather coat, but with the temperatures in the low 50s Fahrenheit as a low for the day, she also took it off to reveal her classic black T-shirt.

Her bell-bottom style jeans were wide enough that they almost completely covered her gorgeous black open-toe heels, and she carried a brown and black purse over her right arm.

Rounding out her overall look, the singer–songwriter pulled her long raven tresses back into a ponytail while leaving her bangs falling around the frame of her face with a center part.

Later in the evening, the Señorita singers were spotted saying their goodnights at the door of his Manhattan apartment, and then she made off in an Uber.

The couple split back in 2021 after two years of dating, leaving many of their fans disheartened. But then, this past April, sparks began to fly between the two again when they met up at the Coachella Festival in California, which included sharing a passionate kiss or two.

Since then they’ve been seen out on a number of dates that included holding hands in Venice, California, and a night out at the Hollywood Improv in Hollywood earlier this month.

And each time they were photographed, the images showed off their undeniable chemistry and attraction to each other.

Couple's coordinating: The Treat You Better singer matched his blue jeans with a matching fleece and white sneakers

The look: The singer-songwriter gave a glance back at Mendes after saying goodnight

On-again: The pair have been spotted out on a number of dates since their reunion at Coachella

On-again: Sources have told Daily Mail that they have been seeing each other for a number of weeks and are just 'seeing where things go'

Sweet goodnights: After saying goodnight to Mendes, Cabello made her way to an awaiting Uber and drove off

A source told that the pair have been secretly seeing one another for weeks. ‘They have hung out several times with friends and alone in recent weeks. They are seeing where things go.’ 

That source added, ‘Having played the field for two years now, they both know now how special what they had was, and that ‘their sexual chemistry is off the hook. Camila turns Shawn on like no other woman. She always has.’ 

After kicking off their romance and going public with it in the summer of 2019, they sped things up when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and moved in together, during which they got a dog together.

Using the dog as an excuse to keep an attachment to each other, insiders have maintained that they never really stopped talking with each other after the breakup in November 2021.


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