Can you spot what’s wrong with this Kmart calendar

Kmart shoppers were left scratching their heads after a printing mishap resulted in thousands of mislabelled calendars. 

Ally, from Melbourne, was overjoyed when she discovered a magnetic weekly planner she could stick on her fridge and immediately purchased it.

She expected the double-column design to either go left-to-right or up-to-down, but she soon had a shocking realisation.

The Kmart calendar was accidentally misprinted and had switched out ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Wednesday’ in the design. 

‘So I bought this new fridge magnet, but didn’t look at it properly when I filled it out,’ she shared in a Facebook post. ‘This morning I stood there looking at it and realised the order … has anyone else got this and is printed like this?’

Ally was especially confused because she starts work at a different time on Tuesdays. 

Many shared that they also unknowingly purchased the damaged planner.

‘Yep, mine’s the same,’ one said. ‘It messes with my head daily.’

‘I’m going to get some stickers with days of the week, because I can’t get my mind around this one,’ another wrote.

‘I’ve written over the days with a Sharpie,’ a man revealed.

But some found humour in the mishap. 

‘Someone wants hump day to come earlier so they switched them,’ one joked.

‘It is a little confusing. But the more I look at it, the more I like that it’s different,’ a woman shared.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Kmart for comment. 


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