Capcom Responds to Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam Backlash – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

In today’s Daily Fix:
The Dragon’s Dogma 2 headlines keep coming this week. The latest entry in Capcom’s RPG franchise has been met with tepid user reviews, with many complaining about the game’s microtransactions. The items on offer reportedly make parts of the game easier, and definitely help with fast travel. Capcom claims those items can be earned through gameplay. They’re also still looking into fixing the framerate issues. In other news, Baldur’s Gate 3 devs Larian Studios are done with Dungeons and Dragons. They’ve already cancelled planned DLC, and have now said they will not be working on Baldur’s Gate 4. And no, they don’t have plans for a Divinity: Original Sin 3, either. Whatever they work on next, we’re definitely playing it. And finally, we show off the latest tools coming to The Finals. This episode is brought to you buy The Finals.

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