Cavinder twins reveal their high-protein daily diets

  • Hanna and Haley Cavinder, 22, documented their daily high-protein diets
  • They maximize their protein intake using a prepared meal service delivery
  • The athletes say it’s vital to consume protein to fuel their intense workouts

College basketball stars Hanna and Haley Cavinder have given their fans a glimpse into the high-protein diet they follow to prepare for a day of workouts.

The pair who played for Fresno State and the University of Miami often share their daily routines on their joint YouTube channel, and their latest video focused on their diets.

‘We wanted to take you guys through a high protein what we eat in a day,’ Hanna began in the YouTube video.

‘I don’t think we really emphasize on how much protein we do consume.’

Basketball stars Hanna and Haley Cavinder have given followers a glimpse into their high protein diet - as they prepare for a day of workouts

Both the sporting superstars take a range of supplements, which they say are important to their overall health

The twins love to start their day with a cup of coffee

After enjoying their morning coffee, they make some oats, which contained 40g of protein

Inside the Cavinder twins’ protein-packed daily diet

The twins start their high-protein day with some coffee and their supplements, which they say has made a huge difference to their overall health

They eat protein oats with peanut butter and berries for breakfast, which contains 40g of protein

They have a meal from Farm to Fork, a prepared meal delivery service, for lunch which contained 42g of protein

Hanna had a sandwich with sugar-free syrup, apples and cinnamon 

For dinner, they made nachos and estimate that to contain around 64g of protein


‘[We do this] to fuel our body [and] make our body feel the best way,’ Haley added.

The twins, who are currently at home in Arizona, said at least one of the meals they ate was from a meal delivery service.

‘We hate cooking certain things so at least to have like one meal prep a day is really good,’ Haley said.

They enjoyed their morning coffee and made some oats, which contained 40g of protein. 

Both the sporting superstars take a range of supplements, which they say are important to their overall health.

‘Especially if you lack in some areas [supplements] will definitely make you feel better,’ Haley enthused.

The influencer sisters spoke about their love of energy drinks – drinking at least one  day – and currently drink one they released in collaboration with Bucked Up.

‘Obviously you guys know we love energy drinks,’ Hanna said as she took a sip with Haley agreeing, but she added she didn’t drink them before she went to training.

‘I don’t like to drink [energy drinks] before I go like play basketball, cos I don’t like to get my heart rate up,’ Haley explained. ‘So I do it when [I] lift.’

She then went and did a workout at the gym, while Haley, who announced her return to college basketball in August, went to training.

Both of the athletes ate their next feed from a meal-prep service that they worked closely with, which they said made it ‘super easy’ to hit their macro goals and stick to an eating plan while they were traveling.

They both had a meal from Farm to Fork, a meal delivery service they've partnered  with, which they said helped them hit their macros

Hanna has a sandwich with apple, sugar-free syrup and cinnamon as a pre-workout snack before doing a leg workout at the gym, along with an energy drink

Hanna went to basketball training after breakfast

While Haley did a workout at the gym after breakfast

They made homemade nachos for dinner, which they admitted they ate a variation of throughout the week

‘It’s just guacamole and then probably ground beef, some black beans and cheese,’ Hanna explained, adding it contained 42g of protein.

Hanna has a sandwich with apple, sugar-free syrup and cinnamon as a pre-workout snack before doing a leg workout at the gym, downing an energy drink with it.

After a ‘hot girl walk’ with their dog, Harvey, the basketball stars then prepared their dinner: healthy homemade nachos.

‘Every form is different, so we’ll either do like lavish bread nachos or we’ll do like a quesadilla – everything’s like always Mexican cuz that’s like our biggest craving,’ Hanna said.

‘I love chips so like being able to like air frying my own chips and make them meet my nutritional goals, I’m like okay, I could eat this every day,’ Haley quipped.

‘Hanna and I could eat the same thing every single day for six months.’

‘100 per cent,’ Hanna chimed in. ‘Chips and salsa, if you guys have been following us along was like it’s our favorite food, so we are going to make it every day if we can.’

They added it was ‘really high in protein,’ estimating it to contain about 64g of protein per serving.

They shared their recipe, which involves first making the chips using ‘any macro friendly’ flat bread.

‘This is the Joseph’s Flatbread,’ Hanna explains as she lays it out on an oven tray.

‘I’ll spray with avocado oil and use my scissors to cut them in tortilla chips,’ she continued, before seasoning them with chili lime and Mexican seasoning and putting them in the air fryer.

She then adds some shredded chicken and cheese to the her homemade chips, warming it up in the microwave and topping it off with onion jalapeno; lettuce; chunky garlic and jalapeno hot sauce from Trader Joe’s; and some yogurt as a sour cream replacement.

‘We literally eat this probably seven times a week,’ she admitted. 

The twins have previously shared the rigorous diets and workouts they followed on a day-to-day basis to keep themselves fit.

They opened about their battle with an eating disorder in June, admitting they started counting calories and became obsessive about what they ate after they transferred from Fresno State to Miami in April 2022. 

‘If we’re going to do something we’re going to do it 100 per cent,’ Hanna explained in a video posted to their YouTube channel. 

‘There’s no in-between, so it’s extreme. That’s just kind of how our minds work. And I feel bad because I started calorie counting — it was kind of me.’

The Cavinder twins graduated from the University of Miami earlier in May after exploding in popularity playing college basketball

The twins have amassed 4.5 million followers on their joint TikTok account, and have racked in a whopping 145 million likes across their videos

She continued: ‘It started getting very toxic with eating a certain amount of calories a day. But we’re burning so many calories, we’re not taking in enough.’

They made the decision to reach out for professional help, seeking the expertise of fitness guru and nutritionist Kathryne ‘Kat’ Padgett, and have since revealed they have recovered from toxic eating patterns. 

Hanna and Haley were born in South Bend, Indiana, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona, at a young age.

Both of them began playing basketball before they even started preschool – and dominated throughout middle and high school.

After graduating from Gilbert High School, the sisters headed to Fresno State, where they both broke a slew of records.

All the while, the sisters were growing in popularity online – and by the time they transferred to the University of Miami in 2022, they were the most-followed athletes to have played basketball for the college.

They became the first college athletes to land a brand deal, signing with Boost Mobile in June 2021 after the NCAA officially started allowing its athletes to earn a profit off of their name, image, and likeness.

The sisters, pictured earlier in the year, opened up about their difficult relationship with food in a video on YouTube in June

Earlier this year, the sisters announced that they were ending their college basketball careers to instead focus on other endeavors, despite being invited to play for Miami for one more year.

However, Haley made the decision to return the court in October, gushing she was ‘so excited’ to play again.

‘This is something I love doing, it’s something that I feel the most fulfilled in, the environment I thrive in the best,’ she said in video posted in late October.

They also co-founded their own clothing company, called Baseline Team, and started a podcast, called Twin Talk. 

In addition, they signed a deal with WWE’s Next In Line program in 2021 – which is designed to develop college athletes into potential professional wrestlers.

They’ve since landed more than 40 sponsorships with companies like Champs Sports, the nutrition brand Six Star, athletic footwear and apparel line Eastbay, and finance company SoFi, among others – earning them $1.7 million as of July 2022, according to Forbes. 


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