Celeb makeup artist on OVERRATED and underrated products from Sephora

  • Celebrity makeup artist Courtney revealed her Sephora picks in a TikTok video
  • She explained that there are some products that are underrated or overlooked
  • Courtney’s clientele includes Hilary Duff,  Chelsea Handler, and Kristen Bell 

A celebrity makeup artist dished on the makeup products at Sephora that don’t get enough hype — and the ones that get a little too much.

Courtney Hart is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist to the stars, performing her artistry on major celebrities like Hilary Duff, Chelsea Handler, Rachel Bilson and Kaley Cuoco.

On Hart’s social media pages, she often shares her expertise on various makeup and beauty products, and weighs in on tips and trends, like the overrated and underrated products at Sephora, which she revealed in a two-part TikTok series in September.

Starting off strong, she explained why a product from cult-favorite brand Pat McGrath wasn’t living up to her standards. 

Courtney Hart, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist to the stars, revealed products that are underrated and overrated at Sephora

Some of Courtney's clients include Hilary Duff, who starred in hit movies like Cheaper By The Dozen and A Cinderella Story

‘This is painful, but it must be said,’ Hart said from the Sephora store, where she filmed the video.

‘The Pat McGrath eyeshadows, not all of them, these, the glittery ones, they get everywhere,’ Hart claimed as she showed off a palette on display in the store.

‘They will not stay. Maybe you can wet them, I don’t know, but I need something to work fast when I’m working, and this is not it.’ 

She explained that the glitter eyeshadows from Urban Decay were a great alternative to the ones from Pat McGrath, as the makeup artist believed that they were more pigmented.

Next, she divulged one product that she thought was ‘never talked about,’ which were the lip liners by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

‘Guys, do not sleep on these, they are incredible,’ Hart said.

The makeup artist even swatched the product in the shade ‘malt’ on her hand, showing off its creamy consistency and deep brown color.

‘This is the color malt, and it’s gorgeous,’ she gushed. 

Courtney first began by explaining why she thinks the glitter eyeshadows from Pat McGrath were 'overrated'

Hart also tested out some of the products, showing the color on her hands. Above is the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipliner in the color malt

She also advised that their eyeshadows were great, but often overlooked.

The makeup artist then moved on to powders, revealing that one by a popular brand wasn’t exactly worth it.

‘This is a very overrated powder, Laura Mercier,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry, I love you.’

Instead, she recommended the powder from the brand One/Size, which she claimed was not always talked about.

‘Oh my gosh, what a perfect powder,’ she said about the one by One/Size. ‘And it comes in minis.’

Speaking to DailyMail.com, Hart notes that ‘makeup is personal and trial and error is sometimes the best way to find what the right products are for you.’

In a part two of the series on her TikTok page, the makeup professional delved into skincare right off the bat.

‘Gen-Z, don’t come for me, but The Glow Recipe is overrated, I’m sorry,’ Hart announced about the skincare brand, which featured different colorful products with ingredients from fruits like watermelon and pomegranate. 

Hart explained why she thinks that the Glow Recipe skincare brand is 'overrated'

In the video, Hart also gave some alternatives to try out if you were looking for a product that was similar

‘It’s adorable, but I just don’t get it,’ she said.

As an alternative, she said people should look at the brand First Aid Beauty, which she said was ‘highly underrated.’

Next up was a product that she had a ‘controversial’ take on.

‘The skin enhancers from Makeup by Mario, I have them in my kit because I was so excited, and I just never used them so I took them out,’ she said.

‘They just don’t do enough.’

Another underrated product she pointed out on the Sephora shelves were the Artist Color Pencils from the brand Makeup Forever.

Hart explained that not only did she use these pencils ‘constantly,’ but she also used them on both the lips and the eyes.

‘They are incredible,’ she gushed.

For the final overrated product of the series, Hart moved into the luxury space, taking a hit at YSL’s beauty line.

‘I hate to say it, but Touche Éclat, it’s a beautiful product, it’s been around forever, but I just think there’s better things out there that cost less,’ she said about the brand’s concealer.

She also admitted that the Flypencil eyeliners from Fenty weren’t worth it as they ‘dry out immediately,’ even though she’s a fan of their other products, like their lip glosses, which she thought were ‘underrated.’

Makeup artist Courtney weighs in on the Sephora beauty products you should and shouldn’t buy


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills lip liners
  • First Aid Beauty products 
  • Makeup Forever Artist Color Pencils
  • Sephora Collection products
  • One/Size powder 
  • Fenty lip glosses 


  • Pat McGrath glitter eyeshadows
  • Laura Mercier powder
  • Glow Recipe products
  • Makeup By Mario skin enhancers
  • YSL Touche Éclat
  • Fenty Flypencils

One product that Hart said was 'underrated' were the Artist Color Pencils by Makeup Forever

She made the series into two parts, both posted on her TikTok page

In the comments section of her videos, many users seemed to agree on the products she believed were underrated and overrated

Last but not least, the makeup artist said that the entire Sephora Collection brand was underrated.

‘They have access to every lab, they know what everyone’s doing, every trend, and they do an incredible job,’ she admitted.

In the comments section of the second part of her series, many users seemed to agree with her makeup takes.

‘YES! Those Makeup Forever Pencils have come in handy so many times!!’ one person wrote.

Another typed, ‘I love the Sephora lip liners SO underrated.’

‘I remember when touché éclat was launched and it was innovative. It isn’t at all anymore. Not bad, but not the best.’ someone else agreed.  

One user lamented, ‘Agree about Glow recipe … not thrilled.’


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