Celeb makeup artist reveals how you’re applying your foundation WRONG

  • New Yorker Katie Jane Hughes revealed the correct way to apply foundation 
  • Her easy step can help you achieve a natural look and ensure long-lasting wear
  • The expert has applied her artistry to celebs like Ashley Graham and Karlie Kloss

A celebrity makeup artist has revealed the major mistake that many people are making with their foundation application – while sharing the simple step that can completely transform the appearance of your makeup. 

Katie Jane Hughes is an editorial makeup artist who has worked her magic on stars like Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber, Karlie Kloss and Emmy Rossum, and is also the founder of her own makeup company, KJH.brand

However, her work isn’t just limited to celebs. Hughes regularly shares her own expert beauty tips and tricks with viewers on her social media pages, like her  foundation hack that was posted to TikTok this week.

‘Don’t put your foundation on like this,’ Hughes bluntly began the clip, as she showed herself applying the makeup on her face with a foundation brush.

A celebrity makeup artist has revealed the major mistake that many people are making with their foundation application

Katie Jane Hughes, who lives in New York, shared the simple step that everyone should incorporate into their makeup routine in order to achieve a flawless look

‘Put it on like this,’ she instructed, demonstrating the technique, in which she simply rubbed the brush with the product on it in the palm of her hands multiple times. 

After warming up the brush in the palm of her hand, she then applied her foundation.

Hughes explained that this was called ‘priming the brush,’ and can help your foundation stay on even longer.

‘By getting the product into the brush thoroughly, and then saturating the face with what’s in that brush, you don’t have to fight to blend all of that product,’ the makeup artist said.

The expert revealed that there were multiple benefits that would come from applying your foundation in this particular way. 

‘You will find that you get better wear out of it, your makeup looks even more natural, and it will look like you got your makeup done by a professional makeup artist,’ she said.

She even added that it could save your skin when you’re working with a foundation shade that wasn’t quite the perfect match. 

‘And this technique is perfect when your shade is a little off,’ Hughes explained.

She explained that you should be 'priming' your foundation as she circled the brush on her palm multiple times

Hughes said that by using this technique, it could make your foundation last longer and look more 'natural'

In the video, she demonstrated what the technique looked like and how it applied

Crucial correction! Katie’s foundation technique 

  • Instead of putting your foundation on my putting the product on the brush and applying it straight to your face, you should be ‘priming’ it first 
  • Katie recommended moving the brush around in the palm of your hand before applying
  • This can make things ‘easy, quicker’ and look more natural
  • It can also help your makeup last longer, according to the expert 



‘Try it and let me know what you think.’

Speaking to DailyMail.com, Hughes explained about the hack: ‘It’s a helpful trick because it really helps make the makeup process in the complexion category easy, quicker, looks more natural and lasts longer.’

She compared the result to something almost like a filtered look. 

‘Priming the brush allows you to simply not have to blend the product in because your brush becomes almost like a Photoshop retouching tool,’ Hughes told DailyMail.com.

So far, the makeup artist to the stars has clocked in more than two million views on the video.  

In the comments section of her TikTok post, some were mesmerized by the discovery and others said it ‘changed the game’ for them. 

‘I do this everyday and swear it’s made my makeup look ten times better!’ one person claimed.

Another agreed, writing: ‘From 20 years plus professionals, this technique is lovely plus it gives you the control and it allows you to use less or more if you want.’

Speaking to DailyMail.com, Hughes said: 'Priming the brush allows you to simply not have to blend the product in because your brush becomes almost like a Photoshop retouching tool'

In the comments section of her video, many were impressed by the hack

Hughes' clientele includes the likes of Hailey Bieber (pictured) and Ashley Graham

‘Thank you!’ someone else typed. ‘I just today wondered why my makeup doesn’t look natural at all. I will try this.’

One user claimed, ‘Tried it today love it!!!! Much better finish!!’

But some viewers were skeptical of the trick as they were concerned about the potential to waste product.

‘My foundation too expensive to waste,’ one user wrote.

However Hughes wrote back in the comments, insisting that it wasn’t actually wasteful at all.

‘It’s not wasteful,’ the makeup artist explained. ‘It doesn’t just disappear into thin air. It stays in brush and you can use later in routine.’

This isn’t the only viral trick that the makeup artist has shared in the past.

In 2020, the pro explained how you can use a simple face cream to highlight your face.

She used the popular Skin Food cream from the brand Weleda, applying it to the highest points of her face – forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and chin.

The expert explained that you wanted to use it ‘super sparingly’ and tap it in instead of rubbing it all the way to ‘keep the texture’ and ensure that the shine was noticeable.


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