Charges Filed in Michaela Garecht Kidnapping Case After 32 Years – The New York Times

“What I did not envision was my daughter as a dead child,” Ms. Murch continued. “It was only when I heard this news, that this vision of reality appeared, and I honestly have not figured out what to do with it.”

She said that she had asked detectives about Mr. Misch’s history of violence. “If Michaela could experience it, I could hear it,” she said, adding, “The thoughts of her fear, her pain, her grief, are overwhelming.”

On the morning of Nov. 19, 1988, Michaela and her best friend, who was not named in court documents, left their scooters at the door of the Rainbow Grocery on Mission Boulevard, in Hayward, Calif., and went inside to buy snacks. When the girls came out they saw one of the scooters had been moved deeper into the parking lot and behind a car, the district attorney’s statement said.

Michaela went to get it.

The driver of the car grabbed her as she walked past his door, the statement said. He forced her into the front seat, backed out and sped off, it said.

At about 10:23 a.m., the Hayward Police Department received a report that a child had been kidnapped. They spoke to Michaela’s 9-year-old friend, a probable cause document says. “When the victim went to retrieve the scooter, she was grabbed around the waist by the suspect and pulled into the car while she violently screamed,” the document says.

The girl and other witnesses described the driver as having blue eyes and long dirty-blond hair, it said.


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