Charli D’Amelio calls out ‘kid’ for hitting on her at party

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has hit out at a ‘kid’ who hit on her at a party right in front of her boyfriend. 

Although the Connecticut native didn’t name drop when she appeared on Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcast, fans are convinced they know who the culprit is.

Kick streamer ‘N3on,’ who’s recently made headlines for being banned from Twitch, met Charli at a party back in September of this year.

The bash was hosted by Charli’s boyfriend, Landon Barker, whose dad is Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker – and the couple have been together since June 2022.

N3on, who’s real name is Rangesh Mutama, was seen approaching the TikToker in a video on his YouTube channel.

TikTok star Charli D'Amelio recently appeared on Jay Shetty's 'On Purpose' podcast, where she called out a 'kid' for hitting on her at a party in front of her boyfriend

He went up to Charli and said ‘Hi, nice to meet you, my name’s Kyle. Are you single?’ 

Confused, she asked ‘What?’ before he repeated himself – ‘Are you single?’

‘That’s my boyfriend,’ Charli responded, who was standing meters away from Landon. 

The 19-year-old streamer replied: ‘I’m sorry’ and quickly walked away before jokingly shouting: ‘What did I just do?’

In another clip from the same party posted on the X account @DramaAlert he could be heard saying to his friends ‘I wanna f*** Charlie dude. I dunno, I talked to her and now she wants to kill me. I’m gonna get kicked out.’

Now, fans think it was N3on that the TikTok star was talking about on the Jay Shetty podcast, and the clip of her describing what happened has been seen by 430,000 people on X.

She said: ‘Even today I woke up to some crazy person talking about me in the most wildly disrespectful ways I’ve really seen in a long time.

‘The thing is, me and this person were at an event together and this person introduced themselves, I introduced myself, we tried to be nice.

N3on, who's real name is Rangesh Mutama, was seen approaching the TikToker in a video on his YouTube channel

The American Kick streamer 'N3on,' who's recently made headlines for being banned from Twitch, met the influencer at a party back in September of this year

The bash was hosted by Charli's boyfriend, Landon Barker (RIGHT), whose dad is Bilnk-182 drummer Travis Barker. The couple have been together since June 2022

‘This kid was not nice to me and then went and talked very poorly on me, and Landon’s like, “Let me call this kid” and I’m like, “Well it’s not that big of a deal, that’s what he’s looking for”.’

She added: ‘Is it taking everything in me not to respond or not to text him? Yeah, but I know if I text him he’s gonna post it and that’s gonna be a thing and he’s gonna get exactly what he wants – me to respond and give in to whatever story he wants to portray to the people who watch him.’

The influencer concluded by shrugging it off and saying: ‘It’s not my problem. I know who I am and that’s good enough for me, it doesn’t matter.’

Fans of both creators are speculating about what happened and who is in the right.

One person questioned her saying it was ‘not that big of a deal’ and ‘not my problem’ while continuing ‘to rant about it on a podcast’.

Another added ‘Neon busy he don’t care about Charlie’.

Those in defense of the TikToker argued: ‘Okay but she is right even though I don’t like her, but like bruh’, while another added ‘Fair play, he’s a little girl’.

Charli was the first person on TikTok to reach 100 million followers, and is also the most followed person on the platform.

Charli was the first person on TikTok to reach 100 million followers, as well as being the most followed person on the platform

In the video, the 19-year-old streamer replies 'I'm sorry' and quickly walks away before jokingly shouting 'What did I just do?'

In the podcast episode, she discussed ‘how she preserves her self-esteem and identity while navigating the challenges of online bullying and fame’.

It isn’t the first time N3on has made headlines for his strange encounters – he recently went on a date with the OnlyFans model Rubi Rose.

A clip posted this week by the X account @DailyLoud, with over 15,000 likes, showed the pair sat together talking in restaurant.

It was captioned ‘N3ON and Rubi Rose linked up and it got a little awkward’ with a laughing emoji and eyes emoji. 

Rubi said ‘I like you as a friend, you’re cool, you seem like a nice boy’.

People in the replies joked ‘Rubi look like she don’t want to be there’ and ‘Gotta be some sort of make a wish right?’.

Someone else added ‘She def got paid to hang out’.

It also comes after 19-year-old Charli was a topic of conversation recently, after being accused of ‘mocking the working class’.

She was slammed as ‘gross’ and ‘tone deaf’ last week after  ‘cosplaying’ as a Walmart employee in a sponsored video that prompted several of the chain’s workers to fiercely criticize her.

The influencer was branded ‘out of touch’ after she and her sister, Dixie, 22, donned Walmart uniforms and pretended to work at the grocery chain while promoting its new popcorn brand, Be Happy Snacks. 

Dozens of comments were shared on Charli’s account in which she was berated for not thinking about the thousands of working-class members struggling to pay their bills. 


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