Coleen Rooney reveals struggle to forgive Wayne for drink-driving

Coleen Rooney has revealed she found it easier to forgive Wayne when he was unfaithful than it was when he was caught drink-driving with another woman in the car. 

She was forced to reevaluate the couple’s marriage in September 2017 when the former England captain was stopped by police after leaving a nightclub with Laura Simpson. 

Writing in her new autobiography, My Account, the 37-year-old WAG confessed she was plagued with concerns about ‘what if?’ admitting she couldn’t help thinking what would’ve happened if the police hadn’t intervened. 

She branded her husband’s behaviour ‘a step too far’, revealing she didn’t think their marriage could be salvaged and, while expecting her fourth child with Wayne, she fled to her parents house with their three sons. 

Coleen penned: ‘Wayne said he didn’t understand why he got in the car with a random woman, but to my mind, there was obviously an intention behind it.’

Struggle: Coleen Rooney has revealed she found it easier to forgive Wayne when he was unfaithful than it was when he was caught drink-driving with another woman in the car

The other woman: Coleen was forced to reevaluate the couple's marriage in September 2017 when Wayne was stopped by police after leaving a nightclub with Laura Simpson (pictured)

She continued: ‘It left me wondering what might have happened if the police hadn’t pulled them over, and that’s something I’ve had to accept and live with.’

Coleen touched on how she confronted Laura in a phone call in a bid to learn the truth, explaining: ‘The surprise was how matter-of-fact she was about the whole thing. “No, there was nothing to it. I was going home, and he was getting a taxi, and we just ended up in the car together,” she told me.

‘There was no arguing between the two of us, and as angry as I was, I didn’t shout or scream at her. I just wanted to hear her out, which I did. I never did anything with the recording; it was just for my peace of mind.’

Coleen continued: ‘I was hit hard by it. Wayne and I had had our troubles over the years, and there had been moments when I’d had to stop and think about whether it was worth carrying on.

‘In the past, I’d always come to the decision it was, but this felt like a step too far. I’ll be honest; I didn’t know what to do.

‘I’m not someone who makes sudden decisions but I’d had enough; I felt sickened by it all. Now I had to decide what I wanted going forward, and I needed to do that away from Wayne. “I just can’t be with you anymore,” I told him. “I just can’t see how our marriage is going to work.”

‘I packed bags for the kids and me and went to stay with my mum and dad. My mind was all over the place, and I needed to let things settle so I could process what had happened and then make a calm, considered decision at the end of it. Whatever that meant.’

Coleen went on: ‘This was hard, though. Through all the mistakes Wayne has made, including this one, there wasn’t one single time when I thought he didn’t love me…’

‘It took me a long time to decide to try again with Wayne. For it to work, there were going to have to be changes.

‘He was about to be a dad again – a father of four – and I didn’t want our children, our boys, to have that kind of example set, especially when Wayne has so many wonderful qualities they could learn from and adopt.’ 

Revealing how she coped with the public’s opinion on Wayne she shared: ‘People might say, “Until the next time,” but I have to believe now that there isn’t going to be a next time. That he’s learned his lesson. For me, that’s the only way forward.’

Outing: Amid her book revelations, Coleen Rooney was seen leaving the BBC Studio and heading for lunch in Mayfair

Stylish: Coleen cut a casual figure in a grey T-shirt and black trousers, which she styled with a sparkling cardigan

Chic: She appeared in good form as shee stepped out

Big day: Coleen has been very busy promoting her new book, which came after her Disney+ documentary release

All smiles: Coleen appeared to be in jovial form as she flashed a huge smile while stepping out

Coleen shared: 'He was about to be a dad again and I didn¿t want our children, our boys, to have that kind of example set' (pictured with Kai, 14, Klay, ten, Kit, seven, and Cass, five)

Coleen previously recalled the moment she learned of Wayne’s arrest she revealed that she had been on holiday in Mallorca with her parents and her three young sons while Wayne stayed in the UK for training.

She revealed in her Disney+ documentary that the day they were due to fly back to the UK she hadn’t been able to get hold of Wayne but knew he’d gone on a night out the evening before.

The WAG rang Wayne’s agent in a panic, confessing: ‘I knew something was up but I didn’t know what’, with his agent Paul Stretford then informing her that Wayne had been charged with drink driving.

Wayne was almost three times the legal limit when he was pulled over by police. His breath reading was 104mg per 100ml of blood. The legal limit is 35mg.

Coleen recalled: ‘I got a phone call and it was Wayne – and you don’t get a lot out of him. You don’t get a lot of information.

‘It was just sickening. I’ve had that feeling in my stomach a few times and I would never wish anyone to feel that.

‘You think, “do I actually know this person when things like this happen” You think you’re not the person I married or the person I want you to be.’

Wayne then discussed Coleen’s reaction, confessing: ‘Yeah, she wasn’t happy, of course she wasn’t happy.

‘But to be honest I don’t even remember speaking to the girl in the back. I’d never met her before in my life so there was never any talk of anything happening or anything was going to happen…

‘I’m driving another girl’s car and she’s in the passenger seat, it doesn’t look great. I know what it was but I also know what it looked like.’

Wayne and Coleen’s history of marital problems have been well-documented, including footballer Wayne’s notorious brothel visits and escort scandal.

In 2004 after Wayne, then aged 18, moved to Manchester United, it was discovered that the teenager paid £140 for sex with prostitute Charlotte Glover, 21.

It was also claimed that at a brothel in Liverpool he slept with Gina McCarrick, then 37, and grandmother Patricia Tierney, then 48.

Devastated Coleen stood by her man but didn’t comment publicly on the claims – though later admitted that when the scandal came out she hadn’t yet slept with Wayne herself.

The pair worked through their troubles and wed four years later, though their newlywed bliss was short-lived, as it emerged in 2010 that the footballer had slept with two more prostitutes while Coleen was pregnant with their first son, Kai.

Forgiven: Wayne and Coleen's history of marital problems have been well-documented, including footballer Wayne's notorious brothel visits and escort scandal (pictured in October)

Reflecting on their tumultuous history, Coleen admitted: ‘Over the years, Wayne has got himself into situations where it’s caused bad press attention. Some mistakes are harder to forgive than others.’

She wrote in her book about how she felt ‘hurt and ashamed’ when she learned that her husband Wayne had used prostitutes at a Liverpool massage parlour.

Coleen also told how they had ‘screaming matches’ over his infidelity, confessing: ‘Dealing with that kind of thing was heart-breaking enough, but I was eighteen –years-old. I was upset and confused, not knowing what to think or how others might react.

‘I wasn’t sure what I felt about Wayne anymore. Also, I knew my family’s instinct would be to protect me, and whatever way you spun it, this was not a good look.’

Coleen’s autobiography, My Account, is out now. 


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