Cops caught joking about ‘beating and burying’ black people KEEP jobs

Queensland Police officers to keep jobs after racist recordings emerged

Three police officers who were caught on tape joking about ‘beating and burying’ black people will keep their jobs.

The Queensland Police officers were at Brisbane watch house when they referred to Nigerians by a racist term and claimed Australia would be ‘f***ing taken over’. 

Another was heard joking to his colleague that a female Indigenous detainee ‘won’t give you a f***ing blowjob here’.

The audio was first released by Guardian Australia in November 2022 with the tapes drawing outrage with premier Annastacia Palaszczuk labelling them ‘horrific’.

The matter was referred to the Ethical Standards Command with the investigation fianlised this week and the three officers ordered to undergo ‘remedial strategies’.

Three Queensland police officers will keep their jobs but will have to undergo 'remedial strategies' after a whistleblower recorded them making racist jokes (stock image)

The comments, made at the Brisbane watch house, were leaked by the Guardian and included officers calling inmates 'gorillas' and discussing how starving Africans 'breed'

Queensland Police Service confirmed that three of their officers will undergo the compassion training to curb their behaviour in the future.

These strategies include compulsory courses about multi-cultural awareness, ethical behaviour and workplace inclusiveness programs.

Dealing with emotional intelligence as well as in-depth discussions with the officer in charge will also be on the program. 

Another officer quit before the investigation was completed, and a fifth officer was found to not be involved in the recordings. 

In one recorded conversation about population growth in Africa, officers pondered how they continue breeding when women and children are starving.

The discussion ends with a vile reference to the deadly Ebola disease.

‘I don’t know how they get the strength to f***ing breed. They’ve got no water or food. How do they get through a pregnancy?’ one officer says.

‘The women get pregnant. How do they?’

His colleague added: ‘Not by choice.’

A third one replied: ‘Mate, they come first. The man comes first, the kids are second, the women third.’

The first one says: ‘Oh well, better outcome, you don’t breed.’

Another adds: ‘Let’s just hope Ebola works.’

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll slammed the recordings saying the views of the officers ‘should not be in the organisation’.

Women's advocate and CEO of Sisters Inside Debbie Kilroy called the committee's findings an 'absolute joke' which would only perpetuate the racist image of police

‘The fact that the officers caught joking about such sensitive topics weren’t fired only confirms fears that police are racist,’ women’s advocate Debbie Kilroy told ABC.  

‘It’s an absolute joke for all of us here in the community, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

‘To just get a talking to and go to some form of training does not address the structural and systemic racism of policing.’

She added allowing them to remain on the job perpetuates racism, sexism, and misogyny that was found in last year’s inquiry into the culture of the service.

The advocate claimed the perpetuating sense of fear in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities will remain as long as actions like this go unpunished. 


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