Cramer’s Lighting Round: Arm is a buy

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Raymond James Financial’s year-to-date stock performance.

Raymond James Financial: “The thing is a horse. But it’s now valued more highly than JPMorgan. So, I’m going to have to say, it’s too late, we missed it, let’s find the next one.”

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Arm’s year-to-date stock performance.

Arm: “I like Arm very much [buy, buy, buy!].”

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Unity Software’s year-to-date stock performance.

Unity Software: “I would have told you to sell the stock. But, you know what, you can’t anymore. Why? Because Jim Whitehurst is now in charge, and Whitehurst is a winner. I am a buyer, I’ve changed my mind on the stock because he’s running it.”

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Comstock Resources’ year-to-date stock performance.

Comstock Resources: “I just think there’s so many other better there, I’m going to have to refer you to get to Coterra, CTRA, which is just a better situation.”

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Uber’s year-to-date stock performance.

Uber: “Uber I am very bullish on.”

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General Electric’s year-to-date stock performance.

General Electric: “…I’m not going to tell you to buy the stock. I can tell you to hold it, if it drops down, buy more. But I can’t tell you to sell it, it’s too good.”

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Teva’s year-to-date stock performance.

Teva: “I’ve been hard on Teva because I like Lilly, but the Teva situation is improving, and it’s ridiculously inexpensive. And they actually have some good scientists there. So, I’m not knocking Teva anymore. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go in on Teva.”

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Novo Nordisk’s year-to-date stock performance.

Novo Nordisk: “I think you should buy Lilly instead because Lilly’s going to have, in the next three months, some very good news on, I think, it’s anti-dementia drug.”

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SoundHound AI’s year-to-date stock performance.

SoundHound AI: “Some people say I killed SoundHound because at 9 I said I wouldn’t buy it. So, I didn’t mean to kill it, but at 6, I won’t buy it either.”

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