Danny Cipriani’s wife Victoria ‘going through worst time of her life’

The devastated wife of former rugby star Danny Cipriani has declared her forthcoming divorce as ‘one of the worse times of my life.’

Victoria Rose Cipriani, 42, who revealed she has split from her former rugby pro husband after discovering text messages on his phone, said she would be taking a hiatus from social media.

But she told her 11,000 Instagram followers: ‘I want to take a moment to express my vulnerability. The media coverage surrounding me has been overwhelming, and I want to be transparent and admit that I never desired any of this attention.

‘Writing about one of the worst times in my life online, especially in an Instagram caption, is not something I genuinely want to do. The experience of being ridiculed has been heartbreaking to read, but I understand that this is the reality of the world I find myself in.’

Mail Online revealed she yesterday met with divorce lawyers and both she and her husband accept their two-and-a-half year marriage is over.

The devastated wife of former rugby star Danny Cipriani (pictured) has declared her forthcoming divorce as 'one of the worse times of my life

Victoria, 42, who has two children from another relationship, said she would be taking a hiatus from social media

It followed the claim that she had discovered text messages on his cell phone which led to a series of rows and the split.

She added in her post: ‘Approaching the age of 43, I reflect on my decisions throughout my life, and I must take full accountability for them. Right now, I am hurting profoundly.

‘If I have ever wronged any of you in any way, I sincerely apologise. Life is a learning journey, and I was navigating through it, trying to understand what it means to be a human being with emotions.

‘If you have ever felt my love then you know how deeply my heart is connected to the power of love itself. I strive to be a good person, and I keep reminding myself of this truth during this incredibly vulnerable time.

‘I need to step back from social media, allowing myself the space to recover, recuperate, and reconnect with my true self.

‘During this period of reflection, I will focus on healing and rediscovering who I am. The hurtful experiences I have endured have reminded me of the importance of self-care.

‘Love has always been a guiding light in my life, and I believe it is the answer to many of our struggles. I hope that, in due time, I will emerge stronger and wiser.

‘While I take this hiatus from social media, remember that love is always the answer.♥️.’

Victoria posted a picture of a Banksy print T-shirt alongside the lengthy caption

But she told her 11,000 Instagram followers: 'I want to take a moment to express my vulnerability. The media coverage surrounding me has been overwhelming, and I want to be transparent and admit that I never desired any of this attention'

Sources told Mail Online that she had told her inner circle that she needed ‘time and space to reflect and regain my strength.’

She said she had entered into marriage believing it would last her lifetime and has been left shattered by the break-up.

Victoria and her husband announced the end of their marriage earlier this week.

She married the former England rugby ace in April 2021, but the couple parted a fortnight ago and have jointly acknowledged their marriage is at an end.

Their marriage had hit a stormy patch after she discovered messages on his phone, which caused a series of rows. 

A friend of the couple told MailOnline: ‘It is pretty devastating for both of them and that is putting it mildly.

‘Both are heartbroken and want to keep everything regarding the divorce as private as possible.

‘But a group of us met with Victoria last week to give her loads of hugs. She was inconsolable and said her heart was in smithereens.

‘She cried a lot and said when she married Danny she believed it would be forever. She said she hoped he would be okay too.’

Danny released a statement the split yesterday, telling his 221,000 Instagram followers that he ‘only wished the best’ for his ex.

But in a blunder, he claimed they were separating after four years of marriage – when their wedding day was two years ago.

He shared: ‘Victoria and I sat together this weekend and agreed to separate after 4 years of marriage.

‘Whilst we’ve had some wonderful times together, we’ve also recognised we’re on different journey’s and whilst this is sad news, it’s also a new chapter for us both to pursue our own happiness. I only wish the best for Victoria and her children.’

But Victoria hit back immediately telling her 11,000 Instagram followers: ‘I’m not sure why Daniel needs to tell Instagram of his relationship status. I don’t wish for the invasion. Could I ask for some privacy, while navigating through this fragile time.’

On Sunday, she posted a video on her Instagram stories featuring an old woman dancing on a beach with a bird on her head alongside the caption ‘Me in the middle of another existential crisis’.

The couple started dating in June 2020 and Danny proposed to the mother-of-two Victoria weeks after they first met.

Victoria last shared a picture with Danny in October as she penned a cryptic caption about life ‘having its ups and downs.’

Danny Cipriani and Victoria Rose pictured together in September after a BBC Breakfast interview discussing Danny's new book, Who Am I?, in which he detailed his sex life

Victoria shared a cryptic Instagram post in October in her last post featuring Danny - a month later, the couple announced that their marriage was over

It has been suggested that the more lurid aspects of Danny Cipriani's autobiography played a part in the breakdown of the couple's relationship

She shared: ‘Lately, I’ve been feeling a little highly strung, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you all that it’s okay. Life has its ups and downs, and right now, I’m welcoming this as a time of growth and learning. Every challenge and obstacle that comes my way is just another lesson in disguise, guiding me towards becoming a better version of myself.

‘Amid it all, I’m reminded of the importance of gratitude. So, here’s a list of things I’m incredibly grateful for: 1. My family is always there for me. 2. My fantastic friends who bring joy and laughter into my life. 3. The roof over my head provides me with comfort and safety. 4. Good health, allowing me to pursue my dreams and passions.’

She continued: ‘5. The beauty of nature never fails to inspire and awe me. 6. The opportunities that come my way help me grow. 7. The simple pleasures in life that bring a smile to my face. 8. Lessons learned from both successes and failures, shaping me into a stronger individual.

‘9. The acts of kindness I’ve received remind me of the goodness in people’s hearts. 10. The unique strengths and talents I possess empowering me to make a difference.

‘Amidst the chaos and challenges, there’s always something to be grateful for. What are you thankful for today?’

The couple’s friend added: ‘This has hit all of us, her family and friends, like a bombshell.

‘They were so much in love. You only have to look inside Danny’s book and the tribute that you paid her.

‘He said she was the ‘most beautiful and special woman’ he had ever met and that ‘God sure did take his time with her’.

‘Their friends like me are just wondering how such a special love can die so quickly? We are all completely shocked.’


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