Dashcam footage shows moment between Zach Bryan and arresting officer

Dashcam footage shows intense moment between country singer Zach Bryan and arresting officer as he warns the Oklahoma cop he’s making ‘a big mistake’

  • Country singer Zach Bryan was arrested on Thursday night after being pulled over for speeding and charged with obstruction of investigation
  • Dashcam footage exposed the dramatic argument between Bryan and the arresting officer
  • Bryan told the sheriff that cops have been way too brutal on him and ‘this is why people do not like police officers’

Dashcam footage shows the intense argument between Zach Bryan and the officer that pulled him over for speeding. 

The country singer, 27, was arrested on Thursday night in Oklahoma on an obstruction of investigation charge and booked into Craig County Jail in Vinita where he had his mugshot taken. 

Bryan, a US Navy veteran turned country music star, was on a road trip to the East Coast to see the Philadelphia Eagles play against the New England Patriots when he was pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol for speeding. 

The video from inside the cop car shows Bryan sitting in the passenger seat and fidgeting in his position before complaining that the handcuffs were ‘insanely uncomfortable’.

The country singer has since been applauded by retired Sergeant Betsy Branter Smith, a spokesperson for the National Police Association, who told TMZ that officers appreciate Zach for coming out to so quickly to say sorry for what went down and she said other cops feel the same way about Bryan’s apology.

Zach Bryan's mugshot was released after his dramatic arrest in Oklahoma for obstruction of investigation.

Bryan is a US Navy veteran-turned country music star. He lives in Oklahoma and recently started dating Barstool podcaster Brianna LaPaglia

Bryan admitted in the footage that this was the second time that he’d been pulled over in two days because ‘cops have just been way too brutal’ on him and said ‘this is why people do not like police officers’ 

The Oklahoma-based singer threatened the sheriff, saying that if the officer didn’t let him out of the handcuffs so he could get back in his truck it would be ‘a huge mistake’ because Bryan allegedly knows ‘every officer in Tulsa.’ 

He continued to complain about the discomfort of the handcuffs and asked for them to be removed because they were too tight.

The Craig County sheriff responded: ‘I understand that sir we’ll change them in a minute. You made me put them on in a hurry. They really weren’t built for comfort to begin with.’ 

Bryan began getting frustrated with the traffic patrol officer. He said: ‘Sir I didn’t do anything wrong,

The officer said: ‘Well yeah you did… I asked you to leave and get back in your truck and you said you weren’t gonna do it’.

The video footage of the initial incident obtained by Fox showed Bryan approaching his security guard’s white SUV after being pulled over for speeding.

Bryan told the sheriff: ‘I said take me to jail then I was being a smart ass and I apologized immediately after’. 

Zach Bryan, 27, was caught by dashcam footage in an argument with the sheriff that pulled him over for speeding

He later apologized to fans on X (formerly Twitter) and posted a lengthy apology video on his Instagram story in which he insisted his decisions during the arrest did not reflect who he was as a person

Following his arrest for obstruction of investigation, he was released after posting bail and continued his road trip up the east coast.

Bryan later apologized for his actions in a social media post.

He said: ‘Emotions got the best of me and I was out of line in the things I said’. The singer also insisted that he supports law enforcement ‘as much as anyone can’.

Bryan told fans ‘I love you guys’ and said he was ‘truly sorry’ to the officers.

He also posted a longer apology video saying he wanted to be transparent with everyone who listens to his music about what happened with his arrest.

In the video shared on his Instagram story Bryan said: ‘I was an idiot today and my decisions did not reflect who I am as a person and I just wanted to make that clear and I should have been smarter about it.’


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