Destiny 2 Changes Course On Into The Light Weapon Rollout

A screenshot of a fireteam fending off the hordes in Destiny 2: Into the Light's new PvE mode, Onslaught.

Late last year, it was reported that Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, was getting delayed amidst struggles and layoffs at Bungie. The expansion, which was initially supposed to release by February, was then officially pushed back to June, leaving a tremendous gap of time between what was supposed to be the end of last year’s expansion and the eventual conclusion of Destiny 2’s ongoing saga. In light of this gap, Bungie has planned a pseudo-season of content, billed as Destiny 2: Into the Light, which is bringing new maps, modes, and weapons when it launches on April 9.

Into the Light’s weapons are of particular note, as they make up what Bungie has dubbed the “BRAVE arsenal,” a collection of beloved older weapons that have been renewed and enhanced for the current state of the game. When they were first unveiled in the second of three planned developer streams earlier this week, however, they were met with both excitement and a hint of hesitation. The latter was due to the fact that Bungie announced it would release half of the BRAVE arsenal at launch, followed by a protracted weekly rollout for the other half of the armory. Per the initial plan, players who started playing Into the Light at launch wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the full arsenal for a full six weeks.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in and around the Destiny 2 community for years now, it’s that you should do as little as possible to stand in the way of players and their loot. Fans of the game were none too pleased about the drip feed of weapons, especially considering how many of those weapons are fan favorites whose value deprecated over the years. Crucially, earlier access to the full arsenal would grant players more time to grind them in Into the Light’s new PvE Onslaught mode and earn special variants that are only available for a limited time. On Bungie’s originally intended schedule, this time would be cut dramatically short for the weapons releasing later. Countless players made their concerns and complaints known to Bungie, which despite its missteps is often open to feedback and fairly quick to respond to it, and the team is now (sort of) reversing course.


A thread on the Destiny 2 Team Twitter account (which shares insights and feedback directly from the developers) responded to fans’ concerns yesterday and announced that Bungie would be tweaking the planned weapon rollout. Rather than six weeks, the schedule has now been cut to three weeks, meaning the team will be dropping two weapons a week after launch. On this timeline, players will now be able to get the entire BRAVE arsenal by the end of April, rather than late May. Though it doesn’t completely eliminate the “timegating” that many players are calling out, the decision is largely a step in the right direction.

Further down the thread, Bungie outlines many of the ways in which it is making sure that players can get guaranteed god rolls and limited variants of the BRAVE arsenal. According to Bungie, “weapon drop rates during Destiny 2: Into the Light will be among our highest in Destiny’s history, even harkening back to the days of Season of Opulence,” ensuring that folks who spend any time playing Destiny 2 during the next few months will be able to get their hands on the much-desired weapons.


The entirety of the thread is worth a read if you’re curious about the various pathways to earn loot throughout Into the Light, but the message is clear: you will be able to get the BRAVE weapons no matter what.

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