‘Disrespectful’ tour video of Joanna Yeates murder flat put on YouTube

Lettings firm is slammed for putting ‘disrespectful’ video tour of the flat where Joanna Yeates was killed on YouTube… 13 years after her horrific murder that shocked Britain

  • EXCLUSIVE: Charity blasts ‘morbid’ walkaround video of crime scene flat
  • Video set to upbeat music shows flat where Joanna Yeates was murdered in 2010

A lettings firm has deleted a video of a walkaround tour of the flat where architect Joanna Yeates was murdered almost 13 years ago – amid fears true crime obsessives would have pored over its details.

The Bristol Residential Letting Co posted a video of the apartment in Clifton, Bristol –  where Ms Yeates was killed by obsessed neighbour Vincent Tabak eight days before Christmas in 2010 – to its YouTube channel.

Tabak is currently serving a 20-year minimum life sentence in prison after being found guilty of her murder in October 2011.

Set to upbeat jazzy music, the two-minute long clip swoops and pans around the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen of the flat – where many of the fixtures remain the same as in photographs shown to the jury during Tabak’s trial.

However, a charity that supports loved ones of murder victims has blasted the letting agency for filming the walkaround tour at all.

The interior of the flat where Joanna Yeates was murdered by Vincent Tabak, as shown in the walkabout video published on YouTube

Many fixtures - including in the kitchen and the bathroom - remain as they were when the jury was shown photographs of the flat during the trial of killer Vincent Tabak

Joanna Yeates was strangled by Vincent Tabak in the Bristol flat eight days before Christmas in 2010

Vincent Tabak is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years after strangling Joanna Yeates

Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM), which has 4,000 members, offers one-to-one support, group workshops and pop-up cafes to comfort those who have lost loved ones to violence. 

SAMM chief executive Joanne Early said: ‘A video tour of a property where a murder has occurred is always risky as it allows those with a morbid curiosity to look inside houses where crimes have taken place.

‘This may be seen as disrespectful to the victim and bereaved families.

‘The majority of SAMM members would be upset and horrified at the thought of a murder scene being filmed in this way.’

The basement flat video was posted to YouTube by the Bristol Residential Letting Co in November last year after it advertised the property for let. It is not currently on the market.

During Tabak’s trial, jurors spent 22 minutes visiting the flat, which was still decked out for Christmas.

Tinsel had been strung on a curtain pole and wrapped around a floor lamp while a box of crackers lay near a Christmas card that had been addressed but never sent.

In images released at the time showing the property, carpets had been taken up for forensic examination and fingerprint dust still covered much of the bathroom and kitchen cupboards.

Despite being repainted and lain with fresh carpet, it is unmistakably the same flat.

Police guard a cordon outside the house in Bristol in January 2011, two weeks after Ms Yeates' body was found

The video was uploaded to YouTube by The Bristol Residential Letting Co in November, advertising a '1 bedroom apartment in Clifton'

The video was removed from YouTube by the estate agents after MailOnline got in touch

The kitchen window – through which Tabak was first said to have spotted Ms Yeates – is identical to the one seen in photos following the murder.

Ms Yeates, of Ampfield, Hants, went missing after drinks with colleagues on December 17, 2010.

She was strangled by Dutchman Tabak after he knocked on her door shortly after she arrived back home.

Her dumped body was found in a lane in Failand, north Somerset, on Christmas Day 2010 following one of the largest police investigations in the area.

Tabak pleaded guilty to Yeates’s manslaughter, but denied murdering her. However he was convicted of murder by a 10-2 majority verdict.

Joanna’s mum, supermarket cashier Teresa Yeates, described the flat as ‘sinister’ when she went to clear her daughter’s belongings almost a year after she died.

‘I was dreading the task but it is something a mum has to do. I just took a big breath and got on with it,’ she said in November 2011.

‘Going into your daughter’s flat, which was once so full of love and laughter but knowing it was the place where she lost her life so violently, was a tough ordeal.

‘Jo died there in pain, with fear in her eyes. You hope when people die they don’t suffer, but my beautiful Jo did.

‘[Clearing out the flat] is not the worst thing I’ve had to face in the past year but it was still a difficult time and very, very painful.’

Properties in the street have an average price of £580,000, according to data from internet sales site Rightmove.

After being contacted by MailOnline, The Bristol Residential Letting Co removed the video from its YouTube channel.


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