Dolly Parton Perfectly Explained Why She Doesn’t Take Down Her Christmas Decorations Until January – BuzzFeed

“I am still celebrating.”

Listen: Taking down Christmas decorations is no fun. It’s just a flat-out pain, and it can even be dangerous, too.

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“I put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving,” Parton said. “I celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving until my birthday on the 19th of January.”

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“I always make them leave my decorations up ’till after my birthday, ’cause I am still celebrating.”

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I mean, you might as well keep the party going. Why not?

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Parton also spilled the beans about what she and her family prepare for their Christmas dinner: We do all the traditional stuff, like everybody else. The turkey and dressing.”

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“Sometimes we just bake big fat chickens instead of turkeys, but we do all the hams and the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin and sweet-potato pies.”

And Parton still makes chicken and dumplings, adhering to family tradition. “My family loves that,” she said. “Mama used to make dumplings at Christmas, so I still do that, in addition to all the other stuff.”

Would you expect anything less from such a Christmas legend?

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