Donny Osmond reveals he has ‘NEVER’ used a swear word in his life

Donny Osmond reveals he has ‘NEVER’ used a swear word in his life: ‘I never heard my father curse’

Donny Osmond has ‘never’ used a curse word in his life.

The 65-year-old singer – who first found fame as a child, when he performed alongside his brothers in The Osmonds – has insisted that he’s never uttered a curse word in his entire life.

Donny told PEOPLE: ‘Never. Because I never heard my father curse.

‘He was tough, but he never swore. Obviously I still think the words! There are certain people I would love to say certain words to at certain times, but I just think, “Be like your dad.”‘

Donny recently extended his residency at Harrah’s Las Vegas until May 2024.

'Obviously I think the words!' Donny Osmond has 'never' used a curse word in his life; pictured September 2022

And the pop star still feels grateful for everything that he’s managed to achieve during his pop career.

He said: ‘I always remember one show where my brothers and I ran out onstage, and there were two people in the audience. So every time I see a packed house, I have an attitude of gratitude.’

Meanwhile, Donny previously claimed that he sympathises with modern-day teenage stars.

The singer acknowledged that social media has made things even more difficult for teen pop stars.

He told the New York Post newspaper: ‘It’s probably worse now than it used to be, especially with social media. But I think what happens is that you become a puppet to your image.

Viva Las Vegas! Donny recently extended his residency at Harrah's Las Vegas until May 2024; pictured August 2021

Sing it! Osmond pictured performing in Las Vegas back in 2021

‘And there is a certain road or certain path that everybody thinks that you should be on. And it gets very difficult. Everybody is telling you what you should be like. It’s really taxing … when you want to do something and you can’t.’

At one point in time, Donny had to fight just to have an influence over his own career.

He recalled: ‘I remember someone in management saying, ‘Well, Donny Osmond wouldn’t do that,’ and I looked at him and said, ‘Well, Donny Osmond just did.”


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