Eamonn Holmes reveals he ‘can’t walk’ in worrying health update

Eamonn Holmes reveals he ‘can’t walk’ and is ‘not good’ as he gives worrying health update… one year after spinal surgery and subsequent horrific fall

Eamonn Holmes revealed that he ‘can’t walk’, on Monday. 

The GB News Breakfast anchor, 63, admitted he’s ‘not good’ as he gave a worrying health update during his first show back after a summer break.

In a chat with guest Tim Franklin, who is running around the world, the beloved TV presenter revealed how he struggling to cope after undergoing spinal surgery last September, following which he suffered an horrific fall.

As Tim detailed his own health issues and back problems, Eamonn admitted he ‘hadn’t recovered’ from his, confessing: ‘I can’t run, I can’t walk, I can’t do anything except watch TV and eat,.’

He explained: ‘I just got problems last year in my back, which I haven’t recovered from. It’s not good, it’s not a good recipe I have to say.’

Candid: Eamonn Holmes, 63, revealed that he 'can't walk', on Monday, and admitted he's 'not good' as he gave a worrying health update during his first GB News show after a summer break

Health woes: The host revealed how he struggling to cope after undergoing spinal surgery last September, following which he suffered a fall (Pictured being pushed by his son in February)

Ordeal: In spring 2021, Eamonn first experienced severe back pain, which left him reliant on a walking stick. He eventually discovered it was three slipped discs (Pictured in November 2021)

In spring 2021, the star first started experiencing severe back pain, which came out of nowhere, and left him reliant on a walking stick. He eventually discovered it was three slipped discs that affected the movement of his right leg.

In December 2021, Eamonn told The Sun how his struggles with his ‘trapped sciatic nerve’ had an impact on his family who had to help him with everyday tasks.

He admitted: ‘It’s been a difficult year. For months now I haven’t been able to walk, sometimes at all, and it has really taken its toll on everyone around me too…

‘I can’t bend down to pick things up so Ruth ends up having to wait on me, and I know my sons particularly are a bit embarrassed by the way I move around.’

Things took a turn for the worse when, last May, he flew to Belfast to host an event in honour of close friend, broadcasting legend Gloria Hunniford.

He ended up in A&E at the city’s Royal Victoria Hospital, after his spinal problems caused bladder and bowel issues.

Eamonn was immediately admitted for emergency surgery, only for the operation to be postponed at the last minute, when the surgeon decided it was ‘too complicated.’

Working on it: Eamonn has been training hard with specialists during his year-long recovery following a slew of health woes

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Eamonn told how a scan first revealed the three protruding discs, explaining: ‘I still thought it would go away, but it didn’t. The knock-on effect was that I lost a lot of use in my right leg.

‘I got epidural injections, which helped to a degree, but didn’t cure the problem. I started using a stick, so life was already becoming more curtailed.’

‘The spine and all the nerves that lead off it affect so many other things, which he felt needed to be addressed first. I was crushed. I had been in severe pain for a year, and I desperately hoped this might be the answer.’

Instead, he spent nine days being monitored in hospital before returning to England – to a full work schedule, culminating in live coverage of the death of the Queen in September. 

After contacting a specialist surgeon, Eamonn went under the knife in late September. ‘It went well — the doctor tidied things up, and generally the pain has gone, which is brilliant,’ he said.

However, the spinal surgery left him with a weakened left leg, too, and just over two weeks into his recovery from the operation, Eamonn fell backwards down 18 stairs at the Weybridge home, hitting the stone floor at the bottom. 

The horrific accident could easily have killed him. Instead, he emerged with a broken shoulder, and his legs further weakened. 


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