Elderly sisters emotional as they likely share final conversation ever

The love of two sisters came to an emotional end as they reunited for what would likely be the last time after travelling to see each other became too much for them both.

After visiting each other regularly throughout the years, Barbara Carolan, 94, who lives in New Hampshire USA, and her sister Shirley, 90, who lives in Nevada, met in person for the final time.

An emotional video posted by Barbara’s granddaughter, Stephanie Shively, shows the last time the pair sharing a teary goodbye.

Their most recent visit before this special reunion was three years ago, with siblings, Barbara and Shirley wanting to squeeze in one last visit. 

In the footage, Barbara, also known as ‘Gigi’, can be seen speaking to her sister and discussing that this will likely be the last time they see each other. 

Shirley said: ‘If we don’t see each other on this earth, I will see you in heaven.’

Barbara Carolan, 94 (pictured left) and Shirley, 90 (pictured right) live a three-hour flight from one another, a difficult journey for the elderly pair to make

To which her older sister, Barbara, reiterated in tears: ‘You bet’cha.’ 

Shirley instructed Barbara not to say goodbye, stating: ‘Until we meet again. That’s it.’

Stephanie, 47, revealed she had arranged the trip for her elderly grandmother’s birthday in September. 

Barbara had reiterated to Stephanie that this would be her final trip to see her sister, Shirley, in person. 

She told viewers that she heard her elderly relatives having the emotional conversation early in the morning prior to their flight home. 

She revealed: ‘I just decided to record it so that maybe I can show my grandma one day when we get back home, and just show her how special their last conversation in person was.’

‘I pray they see each other again,’ she added ‘we will see how that goes.’

Stephanie shared this heart-warming video to encourage other people to rekindle relationships with long-lost family members.

She said: ‘I was inspired to film this for my kids to show them what sisterly love looks like. 

‘So many people who’ve seen it said it’s encouraged them to reach out to family members and that life is so short.’

Stephanie Shivley captured the emotional moment between her great-aunt and grandmother early in the morning just before she and her grandmother were due to return. Shirley told her sister not to say goodbye and that they would meet again

She explained why she made the journey with her grandmother: ‘I brought Gigi to Nevada from New Hampshire because she and her sister hadn’t seen each other in three years.

‘They wanted to try and get one more visit together, as they are older and the trip is hard on them.

She continued: ‘They have done it back and forth many times in their life, but due to age and distance, it’s the last one most likely. 

‘They used to see each other more often, but they haven’t seen each other since 2020.’

Barbara’s granddaughter emotionally added: ‘This was so special to watch and see. I knew taking her to see her sister for what she calls ‘her last time’ was going to be special. 

‘I just had no idea how special until I captured the goodbye.’

Barbara (left) and Shirley (right) when they were younger

This comes weeks after pen pals, Patsy Gregory and Carol-Ann Krause fulfilled their ‘lifelong wish’ to meet face-to-face.

Patsy who hails from Chorley, and Carol-Ann who resides all the way across the Atlantic ocean in South Carolina have been in correspondence for a whopping 68 years.

They began their transatlantic correspondence in 1955 , sharing a whopping 800 letters with one another in that time.

The two 80 year-olds did not let the distance separate their friendship, as they never missed a birthday, a Christmas or even a wedding anniversary. 

Thanks to Pasty’s daughter, Steph Calam, 57, and her family, the two were able finally meet in the flesh.

Barbara, also known as Gigi, can be seen waving and blowing kisses to her younger sister for what could be the last time

Stephanie, 47, (pictured right) organized the trip for her grandmother, who expressed she wanted to see her sister for the last time

The Chorley woman thought she would only be getting a surprise party for her birthday but was left stunned when her family gifted her a ticket USA to see her lifelong pen pal.

Pasty flew a staggering 4,000 miles to see the woman she had been speaking to since the tender age of 12.

Describing their first encounter, Patsy stated: ‘It was quite emotional, it was lovely. I recognized her straight away, she looked just like her photograph.

‘I didn’t feel any nerves, I was excited. It was great to be able to meet her at last.

‘It was just as though I’d seen her last week because we’d known of each other for so long.’

But Carol Ann was slightly more nervous about their first encounter, describing herself as ‘a bundle of nerves’ prior to their first ever meeting.

The pair continued to share common interests as they grew older despite the thousands of miles that separated them. 

The life-long friends spoke at length about their relationships whilst visiting local hotspots and enjoying some great food.


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