EV plant’s Chinese owners make staff pledge allegiance to the CCP

Chinese owners of planned Michigan EV plant make staff in the Communist state pledge allegiance to the Party and wear Red Army uniforms on bizarre field trips in China

  • Gotion Inc is developing a taxpayer-subsidized $2.4 billion electric vehicle battery facility in Michigan
  • Its Chinese parent company Gotian High-Tech took staff on several corporate retreats to CCP revolutionary memorials in 2021
  • During the trips workers wore Red Army outfits and pledged to ‘fight for communism to the end of my life’ 

The Chinese owners of a company developing a taxpayer-subsidized $2.4 billion electric vehicle battery facility in Michigan make staff pledge allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party and wear Red Army uniforms, reports suggest. 

Gotian High-Tech the Chinese parent company of Gotion Inc took staff on several corporate retreats to CCP revolutionary memorials in Anhui Province, China in 2021, the Daily Caller reported

During the trips workers wore Red Army outfits and pledged to ‘fight for communism to the end of my life’ footage posted on the Chinese battery manufacturer’s website shows. 

It comes amid rising concerns surrounding Chinese investment in US industries and increased fears Communist spies are infiltrating top businesses and educational institutions.

Gotion Inc, the California-based company which is ‘wholly owned and controlled’ by Gotion High-Tech, according to a Foreign Agents Registration Act filing.

The planned factory will occupy a swathe of land just outside the Big Rapids area, and will cost $2.4billion to make

The US-based company plans to ‘invest $2.4 billion to construct two 550,000-square-foot production plants’ for electric vehicle (EV) batteries in Big Rapids, Michigan, Fox News reported

During a two-day trip to Anhui Province in July 2021 fifty employees wore matching Red Army uniforms and hiked for six miles across mountainous terrain, according to the Daily Caller. 

The following day, Gotion High-Tech’s field trip visited the Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Huoshan County, where employees pledged the oath of the CCP, the outlet said. 

‘I volunteer to join the CCP, uphold the Party’s platform, observe the provisions of the Party’s by-laws, carry out a member’s duties, carry out the Party’s decisions, strictly observe the Party’s discipline, be loyal to the Party, work hard, to fight for communism as long as I live, be ready at all times to sacrifice everything for the Party and people, and never betray the Party’ the workers chanted in unearthed footage.

A second trip took place a month later with the company taking employees to Dabie Mountain in Anhui province, in an homage to the CCP’s Long March, the Daily Caller stated. 

During the second trip employees were taught Red Army songs are wore the matching uniforms. 

Michigan residents have spoken out against the construction of the planned EV plant.

Unrest has surfaced in Green Charter Township near where Gotian has purchased a swathe of land in the Big Rapids area for its planned factory.

Community members in Green Charter, the small community where the plant is poised to reside, are issuing concerns over its connection to China.

Set to be built on the outskirts of Big Rapids, the planned plant would be set only a few miles from one of the state's National Guard bases

Gotion Inc. - which is based in the US but has ties to Beijing through its Beijingbased parent - has issued a statement asserting that it will continue to hear the statements from the Green Township community as they look to erect the factory, which will create roughly 2,000 jobs

Residents of rural Michigan are speaking out against the construction of a planned EV plant with ties to the Chinese Communist Party - now set to go through despite concerns over its proximity to a US military base

Days after feds said they don’t have the proper jurisdiction to review the plant’s constriction, local lawmakers also got involved, and urged officials like the governor and senate to put a stop to the plant’s construction to avoid a potential crisis.

 ‘We’re not stupid,’ Green Charter resident Ormand Hook is heard telling NewsNation in a clip set to air Sunday outlining the occurrence – which the latest instance of Chinese firms purchasing acres of American land often minutes away from military installations.

‘We’re here, but we’re not stupid,’ the farmer added, while flanked by members of his family.

When asked whether he thought his town was targeted for the planned EV plant due to its out-of-the way nature and rustic residents, Hook emphatically answered: ‘Yes.’

In another snippet, Corrie Riebow, another person living in the small, somewhat suburban town an hour’s drive from Grand Rapids just off Route 131, was similarly asked: ‘Why here?’

She replied: ‘I don’t know; but somebody must be benefiting. We won’t be,’ she added, ‘but somebody is.’

Others in recent weeks have aired similar grievances, with many pointing out how close the battery plant will be to the Michigan Army National Guard base in Big Rapids, only a few minutes south.


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