Ex-WH press sec Sean Spicer slams DeSantis’s botched campaign launch

‘Fire whoever told you to go on Twitter!’ Ex-White House press sec Sean Spicer says Ron DeSantis needs to move on from chaotic Twitter launch because he can BEAT Trump -and details how he can do it

  • The former Trump aide blamed DeSantis’s staffers for the disastrous Twitter launch
  • ‘Whichever consultant thought this was a good idea should be fired’
  • Spicer said the Florida Governor could still win the nomination if he picks up a key early primary victory 

Ex-White House press secretary Sean Spicer has slammed Ron DeSantis’s botched Twitter campaign launch but claims the Florida governor could still beat Donald Trump.

Speaking at a private event, the former Trump administration official blasted the Navy veteran for his error-ridden and ‘scripted’ social media launch.

DeSantis’s first 20 minutes on a so-called live Twitter Space with Elon Musk was plagued by technical problems, with the audio regularly crashing, before the 44-year-old could make his pitch to be the Republican nominee. 

Spicer, seen here in March, was speaking at a private event for Congressional communications professionals in Washington D.C.

Spicer, seen here second from the right, was a key aide in the early days of the Trump adminstration

‘Whichever consultant thought this was a good idea should be fired. They didn’t do their job. You did not break the Internet. The Internet didn’t break. You did,’ he said.

‘I don’t think it was thought through,’ the former Newsmax anchor, who is planning to launch his own YouTube channel, said. ‘Somebody came up with this idea and it just didn’t execute well.

‘Your message is: I am the competent version of Trump, but I couldn’t launch an announcement. It doesn’t jive with who you are trying to be. Is that a fatal blow to him? No, it’s just a missed opportunity.’

‘I have been a big fan of how Governor DeSantis but I just don’t think that his team served him well.’

The 51-year-old said that the newly declared presidential candidate could still win the Republican Party nomination and fend off competition from the former commander-in-chief.

‘If I am going to take a shot at the king, I better know that you’re going to kill him,’ the one-time reality TV star told an audience of Congressional staffers late on Thursday.

‘If I am DeSantis, the path to the nomination is to take out Trump in one of the two of the four early (voting) states. Talk about what you’re doing in Iowa, talk about what you’re doing in New Hampshire.

‘When I talk about the Republican race, I don’t really give a shit about national polls. I look at the rules at how the nomination wins. It’s a delegate race. So, I don’t really care who is up in a national poll.’

Elon Musk appeared unfazed by the glitch-laden DeSantis Twitter event as he arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday

DeSantis appears to have struggled to connect with voters in his early public appearances, sparking criticism that he lacks the charisma to secure the GOP nomination

Donald Trump is spending the weekend at his Virginia golf club from where he has been launching social media tirades against DeSantis's botched launch on Twitter

Each state has fixed number of delegates it will send the Republican National Convention to anoint the eventual winner of the primary race, with just over 1,200 required to secure the nomination. 

Iowa will send 40 delegates to vote based on their caucus results, while New Hampshire will send 22. 

But Donald Trump is the overwhelming frontrunner in nationwide voter surveys, picking more than half of Republican voting intentions. 

Trump is also ahead of DeSantis among Iowa Republican caucus voters by 42 points, according to a new poll from Emerson College.

The real estate mogul enjoys 62% of voters’ support, compared with DeSantis’ 20%, the survey shows.

The latest polling in New Hampshire has Trump on 39% compared with DeSantis on 18%, according to a forecast by National Research. 

Aides working on the Florida governor’s campaign claimed that they had raised more than $8 million in the first 24 hours after his official launch. 


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