EXC: RHONY’s Sai De Silva shades Jessel Taank’s ‘sexless marriage’

EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of New York star Sai De Silva throws SERIOUS shade at co-star Jessel Taank’s ‘sexless marriage’ – as she opens up about bitter feud with Brynn Whitfield

  • The fashion influencer, 42, joked that her castmate is in a ‘roommate situation’
  • Publicist and brand consultant Taank, 43, made the revelation in episode two
  • De Silva and Whitfield are seen clashing in the mid-season trailer 

The Real Housewives of New York City star Sai De Silva has been leaving viewers in stitches with her no-nonsense reactions concerning her fellow castmates on the rebooted series.

From her clashes with Erin Lichy to the fashion influencer’s stunned response to Jessel Taank’s surprising sex life, the Brooklyn native is not one to hold back.

And now she has shared even more of her most candid opinions about her castmates in a searingly-honest interview with DailyMail.com – opening up about her true thoughts on Jessel’s confession that she didn’t have sex with her husband for over a year after giving birth to twins. 

Speaking out about Jessel’s marriage, Sai admitted that she couldn’t imagine ever going through a similar sex drought in her own relationship.  

Telling it as it is: The Real Housewives of New York City star Sai De Silva has given a candid update about the drama surrounding her fellow castmates

‘I don’t understand how you could be married to someone if you’re not having sex. It just seems like a roommate situation to me,’ the 42-year-old quipped.

Reflecting on the debate it sparked among the case, the podcast host added: ‘I find it so interesting. I just don’t understand it. But, to each their own. Everyone’s relationship is different. 

‘I can’t shame her because I don’t live in her relationship. They both seem to be very happy. So I don’t… at the end of the day, I don’t know.’

Explaining why she had been so shocked by the scenario, Sai continued: ‘I just know personally, for me, a sexless marriage wouldn’t work for either one of us.’

It appears the Scout The City blogger’s candid conversations will see her become involved in some tense moments to come as the rebooted series continues.

The midseason trailer for the hit series teased Sai getting into a heated confrontation with castmate Brynn Whitfield, over the latter revealing aspects of a private conversation.

It comes as a shock for fans due to the fact the pair had appeared to be the closest friends in the new cast, with Sai even throwing a special Thanksgiving celebration for her pal.

Opening up about the feud which has seen the pair putting a pause on their friendship in the months that followed, Sai explained: ‘Friends have tension sometimes. Things can go south and there are things that we have to work out.’

Keeping it real: From her clashes with Erin Lichy to the influencer's stunned response to Jessel Taank's surprising sex life, the Brooklyn native has made it clear that she's not one to hold back

Shocked reaction: Candid conversation: Ubah Hassan (left) and Sai were famously shocked by Jessel's admission in episode two

Revealing what led to the fallout, Sai added: ‘It was kind of a breach of trust, she was saying some secrets that maybe shouldn’t have been said.’

The mother-of-two admitted that the fallout had made a lasting impact on the dynamic of their friendship as she continued: ‘Our dynamic has definitely changed. I don’t think anyone’s making an effort, neither me nor her. I think it’s just there and I think it’s something that we need to chat about, which will eventually chat about. But just a bit of space for now.’

She added: ‘Brynn’s just a party girl. She likes to have fun. Maybe she’s had a few cocktails and just let some of the secrets slip out. So we’re having a few issues there, but I’m pretty sure we’ll work it out in the reunion.’ 

Season 14 of RHONY has seen Sai join the cast alongside fellow newbies Erin, Brynn, Jessel, Ubah Hassan and Jenna Lyons.

Opening up about the experience of filming with her new group of ‘besties’, Sai admitted: ‘It’s intense. It’s hard to film with a bunch of different personalities. I’m so used to maneuvering alone and working alone and kind of creating my own lane. 

‘Now all of a sudden, I have five brand new besties that I didn’t think I would gain at this age and having to kind of figure out what everyone’s personality is.’

Smiling through it: The Scout The City blogger's candid conversations appears to see her become involved in some tense moments as the rebooted series continues

Heated: The midseason trailer for the hit series teased Sai getting into a confrontation with her close pal Brynn Whitfield over the latter revealing aspects of a private conversation

The pair had appeared to be the closest friends in the new cast

The argument scene came as a shock for fans

New era: Season 14 of RHONY has seen Sai join the cast alongside fellow newbies Brynn Whitfield, Erin Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank and Ubah Hassan

She gave an example about how she accidentally clashes with Erin as she continued: ‘Erin is extremely sensitive. So sometimes I say things to her and she’s really offended, and I would never take offense to certain things. 

‘I don’t understand it, but it’s me trying to learn everyone’s personality and everyone’s traits and understand it a little bit more. On vacation, everybody gets on each other’s nerves…. It’s a lot I can understand why people end up fighting.’

The Bravo star insisted that the group’s friendship are genuine despite the reality show setting as she stated: ‘We genuinely are friends. We’re still hanging together even after the season has wrapped in February.

‘We go to dinner together. It is very much a friendship and we are dynamic together.’

She continued: ‘It’s very authentic. We’re not forcing this relationship at all. But I think it’s inspiring to see that you can meet new women at a certain age and be completely fine and just click. Sometimes you meet someone and you just click with them, and I think that’s what this group is.’

Opening up about who she has managed to get closer to since filming wrapped, Sai revealed an answer that might surprise some viewers.

‘I think I’ve gotten a little bit closer to Jessel since filming,’ she admitted. ‘At first I was like, “Jessel, what are you talking about?” She’s very housewife material because she’ll just give us anything that’s on her brain. 

‘I thought I was a little bit brash, but ever since we stopped filming, I don’t know, I have a thing for Jessel. I really like her. I’ve gotten really close with her.’

True story: Elsewhere, the Harder Than We Thought podcast host opened up about the fact viewers have accused her of faking her rags to riches storyline

Glitz and glam: The star laughed off the claims and admitted she had been surprised to see people questioning her life experiences

Elsewhere, the star – who just launched her Harder Than We Thought podcast – opened up about the surprising reaction some viewers have had in response to her revelations about building her profitable brand after growing up in a lower income household.

She laughed: ‘I think a lot of people don’t believe me. I think they see this more glamorous lifestyle, all of these luxury items that I have and my beautiful family and it’s just it looks like some big package on a bow.

‘I get a lot of “You married a wealthy man who takes care of you”. It’s kind of discrediting me that I don’t work hard, but I bust my a**. I’ve worked relentlessly to get to where I am over the past ten years. I’m very proud of myself. I should be.’

As for the criticisms regarding how often she features her daughter London Scout, 10, and son Rio Dash, six, in her content, Sai made it clear that she is not exploiting her kids.

‘Everyone’s like, “Oh, you’re using your kids for your content”. But no, my kids are actually on payroll and they pay taxes every year,’ she revealed. ‘I don’t think social media marketing is going anywhere as long as there are platforms. It’s here. So let’s just embrace it.’

The first two episodes of Harder Than We Thought podcast are now available to stream online.


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