EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s granddaughters Maisy. Finnegan spotted in New York

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s granddaughters Maisy and Finnegan spotted in New York the day before he marked 9/11 in Alaska

  • DailyMail.com exclusively obtained images of Hunter Biden’s daughters Maisy, 22, and Finnegan, 23, in New York City on Sunday
  • They were out in the city the day before Joe Biden snubbed 9/11 victims’ families by skipping out on the annual commemoration ceremony 
  • He spent 9/11 in Anchorage, Alaska meeting with troops during a re-fueling stop 

Hunter Biden‘s daughters Maisy Biden, 22, and Finnegan Biden, 23, were in New York City on Sunday.

In photos obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com, Hunter and Kathleen Buhle’s two daughters were seen in New York City on Sunday loading duffles bags into a vehicle. Their eldest daughter Naomi Biden, 29, was not seen with her two younger siblings.

Meanwhile, their grandfather President Joe Biden was noticeably absent from the city where two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Towers 22 years ago on September 11.

Biden instead commemorated the anniversary of the terrorist attacks during a plane refueling in Anchorage, Alaska on his way back from a five-day trip to India and Vietnam.

Maisy Biden, 22, and Finnegan Biden, 23, were spotted in New York City on Sunday loading bags into a vehicle

Maisy, 22, carried a blue PENN bag

Finnegan, 23, carried a bag open at the top

Meanwhile, Biden held a bizarre press conference in Vietnam before heading to Anchorage, Alaska where he marked 9/11 with troops during a refueling at a military base

Families of 9/11 victims were furious by the snub as Biden on Monday became the first President ever since the attacks to not mark them from either Washington, D.C. or one of the three crash sites – Ground Zero in New York City; the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia; and the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

During their New York City outing over the weekend, Maisy was dressed in a white graphic t-shirt, jeans, and Adidas trainers while Finnegan donned a black t-shirt, red shorts, and slippers.

Biden attended Maisy’s graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in May. She studied fine arts and appears to work in the visual art industry in New York City.

Finnegan works for her grandfather’s former primary rival Mike Bloomberg, which the President revealed in November 2021 during a press conference in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Her mother Kathleen Buhle confirmed on Instagram that Finnegan is working in the City with the caption: ‘Finny may be the middle daughter but we all agree that she’s the boss – well deserved! I’m missing my girl up in NYC right now and want to shout out that she’s always in my heart. Here’s to the middles!!’ 

Maisy graduated the University of Pennsylvania in May with a degree in fine arts, she is perusing a career in visual arts

Maisy appears to live in New York City and works for one of Michael Bloomberg's foundations

Biden wasn’t in the Big Apple on Monday – but Vice President Kamala Harris was there at Ground Zero for the annual 9/11 commemorative service.

The President attracted the ire of victims’ families on Monday by not going to New York or any of the other two crash sites.

Instead, Biden marked the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 by meeting with service members and first responders during the Air Force One refueling in Anchorage, Alaska on Monday.

Also on Monday, Biden held a bizarre press conference in Vietnam where he once again featured some of the potential liabilities some Democrats are fretting over amid concerns about his age and performance.

It featured a series of odd moments, including when Biden called on reporters from a prepared list. His Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also cut off the event, then he came back to address reporters briefly while jazz music was being piped over a sound system.

He told a long story about a John Wayne movie where he spoke about cowboys and ‘Indians,’ then went back to a tale about the phrase ‘lying dog faced pony soldiers’ that he used then and has used previously.

At the same time as the press conference, Finnegan and Maisy were spotted in New York.


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