Fallout 76 drops new Xbox achievements with free update

More Fallout 76 achievements have just dropped, as today sees the free Atlantic City – America’s Playground update arrive with three new Fallout 76 Atlantic City – America’s Playground achievements, along with the start of Season 16. Fallout 76 is available with Xbox Game Pass — if you’ve looking ahead to what else is on the horizon, take a look through our list of all the upcoming Game Pass games. Check out the Atlantic City – America’s Playground trailer below.

Atlantic City – America’s Playground and Season 16 start for Fallout 76 today

So, the key bits: Atlantic City – America’s Playground brings a new Expedition, questline, side quests, and more, as well as three new achievements. The update for version will be around 27.08GB on Xbox according to Bethesda’s patch notes.

“When we last left the glitzy boardwalk of Atlantic City, we had run a deadly game show with the Showmen and even encountered The Family, the local organized crime outfit,” Bethesda says. “Now, the leader of Atlantic City’s own Municipal Government, Mayor Tim, calls upon your help against an invasion of Overgrown. Can you fend off the dangerous plant-like beings encroaching upon Atlantic City in this all-new Expedition Mission?” The new questline revolves around the Russo family while there will also be new opportunities with the Boardwalk, “allowing players to further explore the City at their own leisure or even take on new Side Quests. Meet with the local merchants and shop or even play part in passing on the torch within the inner circle of The Family!” Then there’s Season 16 – Duel with the Devil, which also starts today, as well as season and Scoreboard changes.

You can check out the Atlantic City – America’s Playground achievement list below. There are three achievements worth a total of 90 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Atlantic City – America’s Playground Xbox achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Community Service Lead and Complete “The Human Condition” 30
Devil’s Bargain Complete “Sins of the Father” 30
Weed Killer Kill 100 Overgrown with fire 30

The influx of players today’s update might bring will go on top of the small boost in Xbox player numbers that we saw following the latest TV show trailer.

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