Fleeing migrants leave kids behind in the trunk of a car in Texas

  • Houston gang member Francisco Alanis Jr. arrested after multiple migrants including children were found in the back of his car during a traffic stop
  • The adult migrants fled the scene, leaving behind two unaccompanied children from Mexico, aged seven and nine, in the car’s trunk
  • Alanis faces human smuggling charges following the incident on November 3 

Shocking footage shows the moment migrants packed into a car flee from a Texas state trooper, leaving children behind in the trunk.

The group were being transported to Houston by Francisco Alanis Jr., a confirmed member of the notorious Tango Blast prison gang, when they were pulled over on November 3.

Several adults then made a break from the vehicle, leaving behind two unaccompanied children from Mexico, aged seven and nine, who were discovered in the car’s trunk. 

Three of the immigrants managed to escape into the brush, but Alanis and one of his passengers, J. Isabel De Nova Bautista, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, were detained. 

Video reveals how when he was pulled over in Linney County, Alanis initially lied to the state trooper about the occupants of the vehicle, saying: ‘No sir, I don’t have anybody hiding back there.’

Migrants fleeing a state trooper in Texas were caught on film leaving behind two children who were hidden in the trunk of a car

A state trooper pulled over the Chevrolet Tahoe on a road in Linney County on November 3 due to its license plate being partially obscured

The state trooper stopped Alanis due to his license plate being partially obscured. However, he soon spots multiple people in the back and orders Alanis out of the car.

He slaps handcuffs on the gang member who tells him he has no idea how many people he is transporting, saying: ‘I’m just trying to help them out out there, they needed a ride in the streets.’

Suddenly one of the back doors flies open and a man jumps out, followed by a woman and another man who all begin sprinting away from the scene.

The state trooper then swoops on the car and prevents a fourth man from escaping by placing his hands around his wrist.

The man tries to bolt, dragging the officer along with him and eventually throwing him off.

As he runs away, the state trooper opens the car’s trunk to reveal a terrified boy and girl.

The trooper asks Alanis to check the children are okay and hands them bottles of water.

The gang member is now facing charges for human smuggling. His passenger Bautista faces charges for evading and resisting arrest. 

The driver of the vehicle was Francisco Alanis Jr., a known member of the notorious Tango Blast prison gang

Alanis was transporting the migrants to Houston where they were then planning on travelling to California, police said

Alanis was charged with human smuggling offences

Passenger J. Isabel De Nova Bautista was charged with resisting arrest

The Tango Blast prison gang is among the biggest and most dangerous in operation in Houston.

Members have previously been linked to human trafficking, drugs and prostitution and are often identifiable by their tattoos, which feature area codes for the Bayou City.

The footage was released just days after eight people were killed when the driver of a car suspected of carrying smuggled migrants fled police and smashed into an oncoming vehicle on a South Texas highway.

The crash happened around 6:30 a.m. when the driver of a 2009 Honda Civic tried to outrun deputies from the Zavala County Sheriffโ€™s Office and attempted to pass a semi truck, the state Department of Public Safety said. 

The Civic collided with a 2015 Chevrolet Equinox, which caught fire.

Everyone in both vehicles was killed, according to DPS. That includes the 21-year-old driver of the Civic, who was from Houston, and his five passengers.

 Some of the passengers were from Honduras, department spokesman Christopher Olivarez said in a statement. The two people in the Equinox were from Georgia.

Last month, Governor Greg Abbott the state will build another border wall to keep migrants out – this time along the state boundary with New Mexico.


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