Florida residents most likely to participate in ‘uncuffing season’

  • A study done by the hook-up app Ashley Madison revealed the top 20 locations prone to adultery in the US 
  • Three cities in Florida made the top five 
  • Four out of the 20 locations were cities from the Midwest

America’s cheating hotspots have been revealed and Florida residents have ranked at the top of the list and were found most likely to engage in adultery.  

As the cold weather has made its way to the US, ‘cuffing season’ has commenced, but data from an online dating service has suggested otherwise with ‘uncuffing season.’ 

Ashley Madison- the online  site that is known to cater to married individuals and goes by the slogan ‘Life is short. Have an affair’ – examined where their members live to uncover ‘hotspots across the world when it comes to adulterous behavior.’

The site’s chief strategy officer Paul Keable revealed to Fox News that 20 US states made the list, and states in the Midwest and multiple cities and Florida have become cheating hotbeds. 

The top 20 locations in the US prone to cheating based on a study done by Ashley Madison- an app meant for married couples

Chief strategy officer for the dating service, Paul Keable said many couples look to spice things up during the cold months

Three of the top five spots were from Florida and four out of the 20 total locations were from the Midwest. 

‘Infidelity is truly universal, and we see people from across the political spectrum joining our site. We have seen research outside of our company that shows that more right-leaning people tend to sign up [for] Ashley Madison. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise,’ Keable said.

US Locations joining ‘Uncuffing season’

1. Miami

2. Orlando

3. Atlanta

4. Las Vegas

5. Tampa

6. Cincinnati

7. Minneapolis

8. Saint Paul

9. Buffalo

10. Pittsburgh

11. Denver

12. Cleveland

13. Tucson

14. Colorado Springs

15. Anchorage

16. Bakersfield

17. Aurora

18. Seattle

19. Washington, D.C.

20. Portland


Keable added that couples who gravitate more towards uncuffing season are more inclined to look to spice things up in their marriage for the cold seasons.

The study was based on where users reside. Though, if it were based on where the infidelities occurred, Keable said Las Vegas would be higher than number four on the list. 

He shared he was surprised that three cities from Colorado found spots on the list. People from Denver, Colorado Springs and Aurora proved to see some of the most adulterous behavior. 

Keable said he was surprised that only one city from the Golden State appeared on the list as he said that many might associate the liberal state with cheaters. 

‘Oftentimes people want to equate the California lifestyle with a lack of morals and ethics. You know, we see cheating scandals in Hollywood,’ he said. 

Though California barely showed out, he said adultery in the state has become somewhat normalized. 

Keable said: ‘And so, for some people in California, they don’t require the discretion that Ashley Madison provides.’  

The chief strategy officer’s role at Ashley Madison is to ‘talk to people about what’s really happening in the world of infidelity’ and not to persuade them not to have an affair.

With that, Keable also knows that there is more of a negative connotation when it comes to the dating service as some call it an ‘immoral company’. 

In response, Keable said: ‘Listen, if we stopped working today, not a single affair would be stopped. If Ashley Madison didn’t exist, adultery would still be as pervasive as it is around the world.’

'Uncuffing season' has made its way to the US as the study revealed that more couples have looked to others to feel happy and satisfied in their marriage

He actually feels that more people would be caught if they didn’t use Ashley Madison’s services. 

Ashley Madison is an online Canadian service that was originally launched in 2002. 

It gained loads of press in 2015 when the site was hacked, and personal information of millions of users was leaked to the public. 

The site soon upgraded to a ‘morally dubious business model’ that is designed for couple that might be ‘escaping a sexless marriage, or seeking a mutual relationship that demands sensitivity and privacy.’ 


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