Footballer’s wife, 35, hit by fourth cancer diagnosis in two years

  • Rachel Borthwick is married to St Johnstone’s Graham Carey 

A footballers’s wife has revealed she has been diagnosed with cancer for a fourth time.

Rachel Borthwick, who is married to St Johnstone’s Graham Carey, revealed her diagnosis at the weekend.

The mother of two was given the all-clear last year after three previous breast cancer operations in 2021.

Now, another lump has been discovered and doctors have confirmed the 35-year-old has cancer again. 

Rachel Borthwick was given the all-clear last year after three previous breast cancer operations in 2021

St Johnstone’s Graham Carey

Ms Borthwick, from Lanarkshire, has triple negative breast cancer, which is usually more aggressive, harder to treat and more likely to recur than other types of breast cancer, as it cannot be treated with hormone therapy.

In a Facebook post, she wrote: ‘I really cannot believe I’m having to write this again. It’s scary that its almost becoming the norm for me now. 

Being told I have cancer four times in just two years is just too much. Something’s gotta give. The next steps are still to be decided.’

Ms Borthwick says her doctors want to give her chemotherapy and immunotherapy before removing the tumour but she is ‘against this’ and wants the lump removed.

She then wants to be given immunotherapy as she has tried three types of chemotherapy in the past which have not worked. 

She said: ‘All they’ve done is poison my body.’

Her family have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for cancer treatment overseas, costing £50,000.

Ms Borthwick has decided to not yet share the latest developments with her two children, aged eight and six.

The fundraiser, organised by her sister, states: ‘As this is the most aggressive type of breast cancer, with fewer treatments available, it has now become life-threatening and time is against us. Any help is greatly appreciated.’

A St Johnstone FC statement said: ‘Everyone at St Johnstone would like to express their wholehearted support for Graham’s wife. 

As a club, we stand with them every step of the way, offering our unwavering support, encouragement, and understanding. 

Our thoughts and best wishes are with Graham and his family at this time.’


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