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Former WWE Star claims The Pope was arrested for child trafficking while also claiming that there was a blackout in Vatican City.

Former WWE star Val Venis claims that the Pope was arrested for child trafficking last night. He made the wild assertion last night on his social media. He first asked his followers why the blackout at the Vatican City lasted whole night long before offering an explanation of his own.

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Rumor has it the gun fire at the vactian immediately after the electric went down was to arrest the pope and his pedo pals for child sex trafficking,” he wrote. “No facts proving the pope was arrested as of yet but this is what many are suspecting.”

“There was no massive blackout at the Vatican”

According to The Catholic Traveler, a blogger, “there was no massive blackout at the Vatican”. He mentioned that he woke up to mass messages asking him about the blackout but no such incident took place in the city.

“A gunfight at the Vatican and the pope being held by the FBI.. what? I looked out my window (I can see the Vatican from my apartment) lights were on. No gunfights. No police. Cars were coming and going as usual on an early winter Sunday morning,” he wrote.

The rumor gained smoke due to a viral video. The blogger dissected it and debunked it along with every other possible conspiracy theories it could give birth too.

He mentioned that the city is still under a lockdown. Therefore, the roadblocks in the video are common and so are the dome lights inside the Basilica going out. Maybe not as common but it isn’t that uncommon either.

In conclusion, the entire matter has been nothing more than an unfounded rumor that is being spread on social media.

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