‘Get out or get going’: Axelrod hits back at Biden calling him ‘pr***’

  • President Joe Biden called Obama adviser David Axelrod a ‘pr***’ for questioning whether he should run again in 2024
  • Politico reported that diss Monday, as part of a story on advice Democrats had for the president to turn around his struggling campaign 
  • Axelrod had questioned whether it ‘wise’ for Biden to run because he can’t change his biggest liability – his age  

Democrat political strategist David Axelrod has hit back at Joe Biden for calling him a ‘pr***’ – by telling him to ‘either get out or get going’ with his 2024 campaign.

It marks bubbling tensions between the political heavyweights reaching a boiling point, after Axelrod – Obama’s chief strategist – sparked their feud by highlighting Biden’s advancing age and declining position in the polls.  

Politico said Monday that the 80-year-old president reacted by calling him ‘a pr***’. Asked about the diss during an interview with CNN , Axelrod said Biden ‘wouldn’t be the first’ to fire insults against him.

‘Listen, I understand, he was irritated because I raised concerns that many many Democrats have,’ the former White House official said. 

‘And again, my feeling is: either get out or get going. The stakes are so high – this isn’t Mitt Romney or John McCain or anybody else on the other side. It’s Donald Trump.’ 

President Joe Biden

Obama adviser David Axelrod

Among the things Axelrod said that annoyed the president was the suggestion that Biden might be running for a second term because it's in 'HIS best interest' and not the country's

The poll is the latest to show Biden in trouble

Axelrod said the key issue for 2024 would be considering ‘what American democracy is going to look like’ in the coming years.  

‘He (Biden) knows that, but he needs to take a sober look at the whole landscape,’ the Manhattan-born analyst said. 

Their recent feud began on November 5 when Axelrod questioned whether Biden should be running for a second term in the White House and shared polls showing him trailing former President Donald Trump in five of six key swing states. 

The results sparked new discussion in Democratic circles about whether Biden is the best Democratic candidate for a run against Trump. 

November 5 

Axelrod mused on X whether it was ‘wise’ for Biden to seek a second term given his advancing age. 

He said the ‘stakes of miscalculation here are too dramatic to ignore’ – characterizing Trump as a ‘dangerous, unhinged demagogue whose brazen disdain for the rules, norms, laws and institutions or democracy should be disqualifying.’ 

The Obama White House alum also advised Biden to consider whether he’s running for re-election for himself or the good of the country. 

November 6 

Axelrod’s tweets prompted Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, to issue her own response, slamming Axelrod as a ‘jerk with a microphone’.  

Naomi Biden (L), the granddaughter of US President Joe Biden, took on former Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod online. 'Looking forward to proving the political pundits wrong... again,' she wrote, after he said polling should prompt President Biden to decide whether it is 'wise' for him to seek reelection

Still sore? Naomi Biden said she looked forward to proving pundits wrong, and reposted her 2020 post suggesting Axelrod was a 'jerk with a microphone'

‘Looking forward to proving the political pundits wrong… again,’ the daughter of Hunter Biden and his former wife Kathleen Buhle wrote Monday.

She then retweeted a post on X post dunking on Axelrod comments about Biden failing to capture any delegates in New Hampshire back in 2020.

‘Disingenuous – you’ve been predicting his demise & doubting his resilience since beginning,’ she said. 

‘There’s a difference between being entitled to an opinion & relishing a platform to disparage AND between journalism & being a jerk with a microphone.’

November 12

But Axelrod doubled down on his criticism of the president days later – telling CNN one of his biggest liabilities – his age – isn’t something that can be fixed. 

‘I think that there is one issue that is hanging over him,’ Axelrod said in conversation with ex-Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan. 

‘I think with Donald Trump on the other end, he could still win this election. But the age issue is difficult.’

Despite Trump being just three years younger, polls have shown that Biden is more susceptible to be seen as ‘too old’ to run for re-election. Axelrod said all of the other issues facing Biden are fixable.

November 13 

Biden broke his silence on Monday, calling Axelrod ‘a pr***’ for his disparaging comments, Politico revealed – prompting Obama’s strategist to hit back by telling him to ‘either get out or get going’ with his 2024 campaign.

New Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday shows Biden's approval drop to a new low of 39%

Only 25 percent say Biden has the stamina to be president

Voters said Trump would be a more effective world leader

Their feud comes amid dire polls for Biden showing Trump is four points clear of him one year out from the 2024 election. A major CNN poll showed Trump on 49 percent and Biden on 45 percent.

In a series of hammer blows to Biden the survey showed Trump wining among black men, independent voters, and those aged under 35.

The poll also found only 25 per cent of registered voters believe Biden, who turns 81 this month, has the necessary ‘stamina and sharpness’ to be in charge, while 53 percent think Trump does.

Only 36 percent thought Biden is an effective world leader while 48 percent think Trump would be.

Additionally, a separate survey from the New York Times/Siena released last week showed Biden trailing Trump in five of the six swing states key to clinching a victory in 2024.

Reacting to the CNN poll Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s former White House communications director, admitted: ‘This is not a good poll for Joe Biden. The best thing in this poll for Joe Biden is the date – 2023 not 2024.’

In addition the poll showed an enthusiasm gap between the two parties’ voters – 71 percent of Republicans are enthusiastic about voting while only 61 percent of Democrats are.

The latest setback for Biden came after a poll on Sunday, from The New York Times and Siena College, showing him losing in the key swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

On Monday, David Axelrod, former chief strategist for Barack Obama, suggested Biden should consider dropping out.

He said: ‘What he (Biden) needs to decide is whether that (running) is wise; whether it’s in HIS best interest or the country’s?’

The latest CNN poll 51 percent of voters across the country said there is no chance at all they will vote for Biden.

Only 4 per cent of those not supporting him indicated there is a chance they might.


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