Glasgow police ridiculed for picture of officer sternly staring at haul of stolen MILK cartons 

‘It’s a cream wave!’ Glasgow police are ridiculed for posting picture of officer sternly staring at haul of stolen MILK cartons

  • Glasgow North posted the photo on Twitter and said two people were arrested
  • The police officer has gone viral after users offered to ‘turn themselves in’ to him
  • The public has ridiculed the dramatic image with dozens of milk-related puns

Police officers in Glasgow have come under fire after posting a picture on social media of dozens of frozen milk bottles being closely guarded by a stern-faced officer.

The image, which has already been picked up by meme-lovers on Twitter, was posted alongside a statement saying two people have been arrested on suspicion of ‘numerous thefts of milk and other crimes of dishonesty’.

A post on Glasgow North Police’s Twitter feed shows an officer standing sternly over at least 29 four-pint bottles of whole and semi-skimmed milk, which appear to have been recovered from a freezer.

Glasgow North Police said: ‘Two persons have been charged and will be reported to the procurator fiscal for numerous thefts of milk and other crimes of dishonesty in the Milton area.’

But social media users have been quick to make fun as they questioned why milk theft was being given such a large platform and responded with their best milk-related puns.

Others noted the tough stance of the police officer in the image – which divided fans between those who saw him as a heart throb and others who quipped about the importance of watching over the stolen goods.

Jason Green, responding to a question over whether the account was genuine or a parody, said: ‘It’s genuine. Milk theft (officially the ‘Theft of Milk Act 1892′) is treated by the Crown as one of the most serious crimes in England as you cannot make tea without it.’ 

Another user, Jake Marsh, said: ‘Heavens! The bread better not be next!’ A third added the milk on display was enough to ‘make 4kg of Lurpak – estimated street value of £8million’. 

A fourth said: ‘Is that what’s called a cream wave?’ 

Police Scotland confirmed that a man and a woman, both aged 47, were arrested and charged in relation to the theft, but declined to comment further. 

The officer 'guarding' the milk quickly garnered attention online due to his particularly stern look

The officer ‘guarding’ the milk quickly garnered attention online due to his particularly stern look

Many social media users showed off their bests puns, with one joking: ‘A good solicitor will be able to prove they lactose skills to have committed such a crime’ – to which another said: ‘I think you could milk this joke for a few more laughs.’ 

One woman wrote: ‘Must have told the milk to freeze when he saw it.’ 

It wasn’t just the milk haul itself that was ridiculed by social media users – the officer’s stern stance was also noticed.

The police officer who appeared in the photo has become a viral heart throb – with people offering to ‘hand themselves’ in for a date.

One woman said: ‘Copper’s fit, I’d show him my udders.’

Someone else said: ‘I’d like to turn myself in* specifically to that officer please.’

And another joked: ‘My milkshakes brings all the criminals to Scotland yard..’

Another added: ‘Why is he so good looking though?’

Others turned the officer into a meme, captioning his photograph which comments such as: ‘When you’re trying to look hard as for the lads on the team but are having an existential crisis and really questioning the life choices that brought you to this moment.’

Another added: ‘You stare at that milk really hard mate. That’ll show it.’ 

According to the Scottish government crimes of dishonesty, which include shoplifting, theft and fraud, made up a third of all crimes recorded by Police Scotland in 2021-2022.

The same data showed an increase in 2021-2022 in shoplifting and other theft. 

Amongst those ridiculing the post, several Twitter users pointed out that the Milton area of the city is one of the ‘most deprived’ areas. 


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