Google Releases New Google Maps Updates for Android and Android Auto – autoevolution

Last week, Google rolled out another update for Google Maps. The new release was specifically aimed at the beta channel, with the company thus providing testers with the very first goodies of the year.
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This time, however, the search giant has returned with updates for both beta and stable builds, though the company has once again “forgot” to include a changelog to let us what’s new.

First and foremost, the beta channel is being updated to version 10.58.1, so it’s a rather small revision to the build that was published last week, and this is an indication it most likely includes a small bug fix or a minor optimization under the hood.

On the other hand, the new stable release that is now available for download for anyone on Android and Android Auto is 10.57.2, an important version increase from the latest build in this channel and published in early December as 10.56.2.

As said, Google has only shipped generic release notes for its new updates, so without installing and closely inspecting every little corner of the app, it’s pretty much impossible to tell what’s new.

And while there’s no massive change at first, there’s a chance these new updates prepare Google Maps for the introduction of the new language setting we told you about a few days ago. Google is now letting users configure an in-app language that’s different from the one enabled on the phone; that’s something users have been requesting for years and is now finally rolling out gradually.

By the looks of things, this feature is being released to users in stages, and while the new updates don’t specifically activate the new language menu, it might include the necessary code allowing Google to enable it when the time comes.

In the meantime, keep in mind the beta build isn’t supposed to be installed on production devices, as testing versions come with an increased likelihood of bugs.


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