Haunting final Facebook post of pregnant Oklahoma mom

Haunting final Facebook post of pregnant Kelli Tyler, 35, who shared her excitement at welcoming new baby hours before dying

  • The haunting last Facebook post by a mum preparing to deliver her fifth child has been revealed 
  • Kelli Tyler, 35, announced her excitement about arriving at hospital 
  • She tragically died after amniotic fluid leaked into her blood during birth  

The haunting final Facebook post of a pregnant Oklahoma mom, 35, who shared her excitement at welcoming her new baby hours before dying has been revealed.

Kelli Tyler, 35, died after amniotic fluid leaked into her blood during childbirth on September 6, just hours after she’d posted about arriving at the hospital. 

‘We’re moving in!!!’ she wrote on Facebook with a picture of her smiling at the camera in a black dress surrounded by all her personal belongings. 

Julie Roach says the catastrophic complication has robbed her grandchildren of an amazing mother. 

‘The pain of losing my child is indescribable. There are no words,’ Kelli’s mum said.  

Kelli Tyler, 35, announced her excitement about arriving at hospital on Facebook

She shared a post with friends to let them know she was ready to give birth

The mum-of-five died after amniotic fluid leaked into her blood during birth

Her beautiful daughter is doing well and is being cherished by her grandmother, Julie

In an interview with KFor, Julie said doctors worked tirelessly for two hours trying to revive Kelli but eventually had to accept she was gone. 

‘The amniotic fluid got into Kelli’s bloodstream [and] she was losing blood more than she could take in,’ she explained. 

‘She would come around for a minute or so and she would code again.

‘It’s rare that it happens and almost always fatal, and in our case it was.’

Amniotic Fluid Embolism is one of the leading direct causes of maternal mortality in the United States. 

An amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is when amniotic fluid gets into the bloodstream and causes a collapse of the heart and lungs. 

The second stage of AFE is disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, meaning your blood is failing to clot.

‘I can’t thank the doctors’ team, the nurses’ team enough, for what they did,’ Julie said. 

Kelli's four other children, ages 16, 12, 11 and 9, are welcoming their little sister

Jalie was taken away for special care but is eating lots and already very spoiled, her grandmother says

She said the pain of losing a child is ‘indescribable’ and feels like she’s lost a part of herself. 

‘Walking down the hallway to the room where they were taking us [after]…that was the longest walk of my life…part of my heart’s gone,’ she said. 

While it will take time to identify any long-term effects, Kelli’s daughter, who has been named Jalie, is doing well and loves to eat. 

‘She’s already spoiled. She’s our little chunky monkey and our tootsie roll. 

‘We won’t know if she has any cognitive issues until she grows up some more.

‘She was sent to a nearby hospital for specialized help to hopefully prevent brain damage.’ 

Julie is now going to be helping to take care of Kelli’s four other children as well, ages 16, 12, 11 and 9.  

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with finances for items including groceries, clothes, diapers and school needs as they try to move forward. 

‘She was a beautiful person and so full of love. Now we’re going to carry on through her kids.

‘Jalie won’t get to know her mom in person but she’s gonna know her mom. We have pictures we have recordings that were going to play over and over.’


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